Friday, May 22, 2020

The Corona Chronicles - Friday Jumuah vibes at HCC Foodbank!

On the last Friday of Ramadan 2020 I’m pleased to announce that @ismaelr.86 and @grateful.ldn are the new sponsors of #bookbikelondon

May your enterprise blessed and your dreams come true!

You guessed it... the new sponsorship starts with my own football poetry book.

It was a real pleasure hooking up with Shaun who is from a community organisation in Barking and Dagenham called Company Drinks ( 

Based in Barking Park, the team have continued to pick and make soft drinks through the Covid-19 crisis, but on a much smaller scale operation, focusing more on Covid-support and care for volunteer groups, many of whom are vulnerable. 

Company Drinks came up with a lovely gesture to donate some drinks to community organisations like ourselves that support families in need of food and drinks supplies. 

So today Shaun delivered 60 bottles of delicious non alcoholic Elderflower cordial (30ml bottles), which have been picked by groups of volunteers, collected from their doorsteps, bottled by Company Drinks, and re-distributed back to their doorsteps (all following social distancing rules). 

The team at the Hedgecock Community Centre Foodbank are delighted to have received such excellent products to distribute with our Saturday food parcel deliveries. 

As we are their neighbours Company Drinks wished to share a little beyond their own isolating volunteer groups. 

This batch has also been prepared as an Eid treat for those recipients who have observed the month of Ramadan. 

What a fantastic gesture and what a terrific community we have. 

One Foodbank drop today and two medical pick ups and drop offs. 

I’ve achieved my #Ramadan250k but tomorrow I’ll hit the milestone if cycling every day during #Ramadan2020

The HCC Foodbank team will also be our in girls tomorrow before taking a very well earned break for Eid celebrations on Sunday in isolation. 

Stay safe everyone!


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