Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Brilliant, Bullish Bishwanath are Record Breakers!

The class of Bishwanath 2022 have created history by winning the Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup at Mabley Green for a second time. 

With two standalone triumphs Bishwanath take over from the joint Osmani Nagar/Balagonj and Osmani Nagar teams at the top of the honours roll.

Bishwanath beat a gutsy Beanibazar team 4-1 in the final and were deserved winners with a string of outstanding performances from beginning to end. 

After being placed in the Group of Death Khalis Miah’s men navigated one of the toughest group stages ever by kicking off with a  0-0 draw with eventual semi finalists and two times champions Osmani Nagar. 

Jagannathpur were beaten 1-0 with a goal by Brummie Abul Kalam. 

Goals by Sajadul Hoque and Jahed Baksh in a 2-2 final group game draw against Moulvibazar were enough to send Bishwanath through to the knockout stages as group winners.

In the Quarter Finals Nobiganj were despatched easily. Goals from Shiblu Miah, Shozzad Ali, and Md Abul Kalam saw Bishwanath cruise into the semi finals with a resounding 3-0 win. 

Bishwanath were displaying attacking prowess seldom seen at this level. With knockout stages games being known for cautious and often dreary affairs, the squad were intent on upping the ante. 

The Semi Final was a foregone conclusion as a hat trick from Shazzad Ali, one goal from Syed Ali and a stupendous overhead kick from Sajjadul Haque ensured a 5-0 over previous cup winners Balagonj. 

Bishwanath were a raging bull by now, and even after having a man sent off against a brave Beanibazar team making their first final appearance, Khalis Miah’s charges were just too strong, comprehensively winning 4-1 with two goals by Shiblu Miah, Sadique Ali and Jahed Baksh. 

Speaking shortly after the final whistle Bishwanath manager Khalis said, “I’m just proud! Of the BSA management team, proud of my players and proud of this squad. 

“The boys followed my instructions to the letter and more, raising themselves and others around them. 

“Thank you to the BSA management, to all the players, to all the supporters (Bishwanathi and non Bishwanathis) for your faith and belief. The outstanding atmosphere created throughout, especially in the final was mesmerising.”

The trophy was presented to Bishwanath by Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman. 

Sonali Othith Chairman Jamal Uddin added, Bishwanath were amazing on the day. They deserve this trophy based on their strong performances from beginning to need. 

“Sonali Othith would like to commend Beanibazar for reaching the final for the first time and for helping creating such great memories.”

Bishwanath were emphatic all day and played a fiery brand of football not seen before in this prestigious tournament. On both occasions when they have won the Upazila Cup the team have played a scintillating pressing game, flair and charisma fused with supreme firepower. 

The knockout stages usually provide less adventure, tight, defensive encounters as teams resort to closing ranks, seek a goal on the counter attack, or turn to the lottery of a penalty shootout. 

This year was different with Bishwanath scoring twelve goals in the knockout stages alone. The 2022 final stands out as the greatest inUpazila Cup history. 

They are deserved winners who have set completely new standards and records for Britain’s most prestigious Bangladeshi football tournament.

My beloved Beanibazar were soundly beaten but we pay homage to worthy champions who have broken Upazila Cup records and set a new benchmark for this prestigious tournament.

We should all be very proud of an ageing Team BB who were exceptional in reaching the final. 

But fair is fair and Bishwanath were in a different league altogether. 

The plan of action at Bishwanath is focussed on the long term - Bring in fresh talent regularly, deploy a strong scouting team network to scour the whole country for footballers. 

In my first game as manager we faced Babul Bhai and Bishwanath in a friendly at Mabley Green. We won 4-0 and he explained to me that he was embarking on a mission to travel out and assemble a pool of the best players from all over the country. 

It’s all paid off!

The success of this requires commitment and dedication from a hardworking and effective board that support a manager to the hilt.

Other teams will be studying this copybook in the hood of emulating this winning formula. 

Up to this point and pound for pound this is the greatest team the Upazila Cup has produced. 

Twelve goals in the knockout stages alone is a new record. 

Bishwanath 2022

Khalis Miah - Manager

Mohammed Abdul Hoque - Assistant

1. Abdul Hussain (London)

2. Lokus Miah (London) (C)

3. Mohammed Rokib Ali (London)

4. Jahid Hasan Numan (London)

5. Abdul Kalam (Keighley)

6. Syed Ali (London)

7. Abdul Kalam (London) (VC)

8. Abdul Kalam (London)

9. Saddique Ali (London) 

10. Jahed Baksh (London)

11. Shozzad Ali (Coventry)

12. Rahmat Miah (Rochdale)

13. Shamim Noor (Coventry)

14. Md Abul Kalam (Birmingham)

15. Kabir Uddin (Birmingham)

16. Sazadul Haque (Rochdale)

17. Shiblu Miah (Luton)

18. Humayun Rashid Rubel (Birmingham)

Man of the tournament: Shiblu Miah

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lonely Orphans Uyghur Blog - Day 2

We spent the day visiting Uyghur families resident in Istanbul and spending time with them. 

They are very humble people and many of the widows are doing an amazing job taking care of their young families.

Many families are very large and this is because of women adopting several orphans at a time. They are selfless and take excellent care of them. 

The family finances in all cases is threadbare but the mothers are proud people. The children are happy and the adults work around the clock to take care of their physical, social and emotional needs. 

Amongst the friends we met today was little Afifa, who is severely autistic. She was like a little angel, hugging and clapping hands. She rustled my beard and broke into fits of great laughter as she did so. I was happy to play the clown. 

Her mum told us that Afifa has a creative side and they both spend time on artistic activities each day. 

We thanked our hosts for enabling us the opportunity to spend time with them. We learnt a great deal about resilience and positivity in their presence. 

These are people who cope with their lot in life by helping others in the same or worse position to themselves. They are upbeat people and inherently believe in helping their fellow humans, whatever their circumstances are. 

The team at Lonely Orphans are working hard to provide support to the children and respite for the adults. 

If you’d like to support this important work please get in touch!

#lonelyorphans #thewanderinglondoner

Friday, June 24, 2022

Lonely Orphans Uyghur Blog - Day 1

We started the day with a visit to meet the superstars at the Lonely Orphans Montessori School. We were greeted by the staff and given a tour of the educational centre. 

We were granted an audience with the government designated child Psychologist and observed a play session with the children who were captivated by her interaction with them.

The public servant spent thirty minutes delivering a workshop using play and expression and explained that her interventions and support run parallel with the children’s general education.

Work with those more disadvantaged involves working with hyperactive youngsters, those with ADHD and dealing with anger management. 

The Lonely Orphans school offers a confidential space for all children to explore their feelings with a trusted adult and our insight into the community benefitted a great deal from observation of this session. 

The meet and greet involved a full flow Rubiks play session and workshop to encourage creativity, problem solving and using a fun activity to challenge and sharpen the mind. The kids paid good attention and enjoyed the colours, twists and turns involved in solving the most famous puzzle in the world. 

Next up was a picnic day trip to the open and green spaces at the Kemerburgaz Kent Ormanı. 

During a fun filled picnic event the children spent the day enjoying food, snacks, going for a walk, playing games, the adventure playground, horse rides and boat paddles.

At the Lonely Orphans School the quality of education and engagement is tremendous. The teachers and support staff are adept and at ease in exercising their duty of care, and there is a genuine atmosphere of love, care and compassion here. 

The behaviour of the children is exemplary. They are friendly and respectful, content and happy. 

About 50,000 Uyghurs are believed to reside in Turkey, the largest Uyghur diaspora outside Central Asia.

With the dedication and patience of the adults around them there is great hope that these young people will go on to make better lives for themselves and their community in the future. 

Thanks B and Aunt D for the treats!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Bilat Shaista’s Business Motivation!

A former boxer and an entrepreneur - an interesting mix but one that will resonate with many youngsters determined to forge a path through the dense forest of life. 

Bilat Shaista took inspiration from the life of Mike Tyson, and has used boxing to help him develop his character and shape his life, vision and goals. 

The entrepreneur and business management consultant has used his experiences to compose a book titled Business Motivation. 

Influenced by Iron Mike, Bilat offers bite size advice to highlight the importance of staying focussed and consistent to overcoming life obstacles, building better habits and achieving goals. He wrote the book to share his experiences and how discipline has helped him experience success. 

One of the first issues Bilat tackles is how to actively concentrate in a distracting world. He describes the brain as always being on duty, seeking to receive and absorb crucial information. 

The brain sifts through noise to determine what it wants to concentrate on, referred to as ‘selective attention.’

He lists strategies that can be used to mitigate the effects of being easily distracted. 

In essence, the more distractions there are, the easier it is to neglect actual work. Something as simple as the ping of a text message alert can lead the brain to assuming that the incoming information is critical and requires immediate attention. 

In our modern day the phone is frequently cited as one of the greatest diversion tools in our life. 

In terms of time management the book touches on aspects of the Pomadoro technique, Parkinson’s Law and Eat the Frog, which involves identifying the most critical task, tackling and aiming to complete it first thing in the morning. 

Productivity needn’t be time consuming and Bilat expertly cites how physical activity, sleep and small breaks can stimulate the brain and rejuvenate the mind in order to produce better results. 

Consistency is referred to as the key to personal achievement and a crucial tool and important factor in the success of businesses and goods. 

Bilat touches on the influence of the people we choose to be around, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours. The more closer they are, the more weight their opinions have on one’s life decisions. 

Rather than being overwhelmed on balance it is better to take their opinions in order to help research goals and achievements. 

Challenges and obstacles are described as opportunities to grow, though this requires hard work and effort to achievement and becoming a better person. 

Bilat has written a  book full of crucial tidbits and nuggets which allows the reader to digest at their own pace. The simple counselling he offers allows for the reader to choose as little or as much to adopt and put into practise. 

With a focus on using practise to overcome obstacles, being resilient and staying optimistic, Bilat’s words will be popular with a diverse group of readers. 

The true measure of success is dependent on how each and every obstacle is hurdled. The journey is never easy but being motivated when the chips are down will help turn seeming defeat into victory.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Andy, Bailey and the Old Bill

“What are you two doing then?” enquired the nosy Policeman!”

“What does it look like,” I grunted, “two geezers having a natter inneh?”

“This is my mate Emz, and he shares free books and food,” said Andy. 

“If that’s alright with you?” I added. 

The long arm of the law looked at me funny. His two female colleagues looked slightly embarrassed. “Off you go now officer, there’s motorists out there for you to get your teeth into!”

He thought we were drug dealing of course!

Andy summed it up! “They see two dishevelled, hairy blokes, a homeless guy and a Muslim fella and they can’t help it - It’s called instant judgement.”

I told him I respect the Police a great deal but do pull them up if they fall short - Some of them just aren’t the brightest sparks. 

On the beat with East End Cycles and Docklands Football Club I got me a new buddy. 

Andy bought Bailey off a street beggar whilst he was barely a month old for £12. He had just left Pentonville Prison and after exchanging the fee and completing this unsusual transaction he saw the beggar buy a bottle of Baileys from the store - So he chose the name for his new pet friend. 

Bailey was taken to the vets who informed Andy that he was doped up on Valium so he wouldn’t cry out for his Mother. 

Homeless Andy weaned him off the Valium and at the same time he himself hasn’t touched any Class A drugs since. He had previously been on it for 15 years non stop. Andy contemplated suicide many times but says Bailey has given him purpose and a new lease of life. 

Andy loves reading biographies and I had one on Franklin Delano Roosevelt to share with him along with another one about Australia.

This was a chance meeting. I was setting up for a photo and Andy stopped by with Bailey to have a friendly chat. 

A London Assembly report estimated that the number of hidden homeless people could be up to 13 times higher than official figures.

Some of the friendliest people I have met live on the streets and have no material wealth. Many are however blessed with good manners and kindness in abundance. 

Through Bookbike London I have the pleasure of meeting such friends every day. 

#preventhomelessness #homeless #bookbikelondon #thewanderinglondoner 

#homerton #hackney #homelessness #homelesspeople 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Book Review: Prophet Ayyub - The Man Who Lost Everything


Within the story of Prophet Ayyub lies one of the greatest lessons in human sacrifice, gratitude, perseverance and recovery - All rolled into one. 

Using simple prose this book describes the life of Prophet Ayyub, how he was blessed with everything, and how he lost everything. 

The noble Prophet Ayyub was far and wide the greatest individual amongst his generation. He was revered as a humble and just leader and was blessed with wealth, health and prosperity. 

Through trials and tribulations Prophet Ayyub’s quality of life diminished and he lost everything, his wealth, children and then his health through a degenerative skin condition. 

His ever loyal wife Rahma was not allowed to work and support the family due to fear amongst the people that she would afflict the population with the disease her husband was living with. 

Prophet Ayyub persevered and did not waiver an iota. He remained steadfast and refused to curse his misfortune. His faith remained ardent, his feet firm and his conviction resolute. 

Prophet Ayyub prayed, “My Lord! Evil has touched me, And you are most merciful from those who show mercy.”

His prayers were answered and his fortunes once again changed for the better. 

The quality of rhyme used is fluent and hooks the reader right from the start. This is a must read for anyone and everyone. 

The multi talented Moudud Hussain has hit the ground running with his literary debut. The East Londoner engages the reader from beginning to end and the motivational benefits and inspiration are universal in value. 

Having read the text  I am pleased to say that although this is a children’s book, it is perfectly  tailored to benefit and bring great pleasure to everyone - The lessons of conviction, hope, patience and gratitude are universal values. 

With illustrations by my former student, the prodigiously gifted Zain Syed, I am delighted, yet not the least bit surprised to see his artistic talents beginning to shine. 

This is a superb piece of work, easy to understand and an excellent companion, to share with your class, enjoy as a family or just to read alone and contemplate.

Copies are scheduled for print this week so please keep a look out for updates. £4.99 gets you a hard copy and the e-book is available HERE. 

50% of the proceeds will support an orphanage in Bangladesh. 

I am content in the feeling that ‘Prophet Ayyub, the man who lost everything’ will provide guidance, pleasure and benefit to the reader. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Bosnia Blog - Day 2

A drive up the mountains was a new and very pleasant experience. The weather had turned and the biting cold was in stark contrast to yesterdays heatwave. 

We made our way up the winding roads with Samir, the senior volunteer who oversees the identification and distribution of cows to families. 

He stopped at a picturesque spot to point out his birth village in the distance. The view from the top was stunning.

The former German pro footballer then drove us to Gorazde and the river. The Drina is a 346 km long Balkans river, which forms a large portion of the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It is the longest tributary of the Sava River and the longest karst river in the Dinaric Alps which belongs to the Danube river watershed. 

After enjoying the view we prayed at the beautiful Kayseri Camii Mosque before visiting Edin and his family of ten. Over the decades the clan have resisted pressure to leave their home and are seen as heroes. 

Their cow arrived this morning and is happy and healthy. Edin explained how the cow will completely change fortunes - It’s a game changer!

The team are promoting the Bosnia Widows Support initiative to assist the forgotten widows of Bosnia. 

These are women from rural communities who are greatly affected by poverty and we are gifting them a very small donation of £50 each. 

Please donate online and please Giftaid:


Zakat, Sadaqah & Lillah is accepted.

#Ramadan2022 #BosniaTrust #TheWanderingLondoner

Friday, April 15, 2022

Bosnia - Day 1

Our first port of call today was to meet Noura from Konjic Polge. 

She received a cow recently as part of the Bosnia Trust outreach programme. 

She is very fond of her precious ‘friend’ and has named her Sharinka, which means many colours

Noura has benefitted a great deal from this gift and we feel blessed to have met her today. 

We met the Muftis and Imams at the Memorial Centre in Srebrenica where we prayed Jumuah, performed Ziyarah and paid our respects to the dead. 

The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide, was the July 1995 genocidal killing of more than 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War.

The Srebrenica Memorial Center and Genocide Memorial, officially known as the Srebrenica–Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the victims of the 1995 Genocide is the cemetery complex in Srebrenica for the victims. 

We visited Osman and who has had a cow for seven months and we were pleased to see that she has given birth to a healthy calf. 

Whilst in Burnace we also met Hayriya who has had her cow, fondly named Shara (many colours) for eight years. Shara is pregnant and this is great news to the family as it means that their livelihood will now increase significantly. 

We got to see their ten foot well too. 

We received a request for a fresh water well for a family in the countryside and very happy to share the good news that we have received a donation to cover the costs for this. 

Tomorrow will be a busier day. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022


Eight groups were involved in supporting this #homeless friend.

- Only A Pavement Away
- Humdum UK
- Docklands Football Club
- John Lewis & Partners
- London Enterprise Academy
- East End Cycles
- Victoria Park Community Centre
- #bookbikelondon

I had to prod him to make sure he wasn’t dead!

Partnerships are powerful!


Friday, December 31, 2021

Historic Craven Cottage - Home of Fulham FC

I’d been communicating with Ed for a while in anticipation of visiting this historic ground and taking part in the stadium tour of London’s oldest club.

I got there in the end and it was well worth the wait again. Fulham Football Club may be down the pecking order, what with the capital boasting an array of glitzy big name clubs but there’s no doubting the authenticity and feel of this iconic ground. 

Thanks to #bookbikelondon and my trusty Santander Cycle I was able to make it almost on time, dashing from Parsons Green and cycling through the ‘Green Mile’ across the lovely Bishops Park. 

At the Johnny Haynes statue I met with tour hosts Christian, Brendan and fellow guests, including Sunderland fans recovering from the League Cup beating from the night before at the Emirates. 

Johnny Haynes is unanimously accepted as the clubs greatest player. The stylish inside forward played 56 times for England, 22 games as captain. 

The ‘Maestro’ was a one club man who holds the all time appearance record and led the club scoring charts until Gordon Davies took overtook him during the end of the eighties. 

Pele described the Fulham legend as the best passer of the ball he’d ever seen.

We were treated to pitch side views and witnessed the impressive work taking place on the Riverside Stand and Development which will create a new, vibrant, modern, and outstanding riverfront destination. 

The Cottage itself is a true landmark and along with the Johnny Haynes Stand it is a designated Grade II listed building. It remains among the great sights in football and testament to Archibald Leitch’s workmanship. 

The Cottage Pavilion also includes the manager’s game day office, changing rooms, a restaurant and a balcony from where the more wealthy guests can enjoy the game.

We visited both home and away dressing rooms, and were reminded of the greats who had sat within them ahead of gracing the turf on a given matchday - Haynes, Bobby Moore, George Best, George Cohen and Edwin Van Der Sar. 

The small but classy VIP area was next and we were told the lounge had been refurbished at a cost of £1 million in he last few years. 

This is an authentic Stadium and even though it was empty the atmosphere felt like there was still a crowd inside. It’s tight and compact, it’s homely and charming. 

The tour commenced at a steady pace and the hosts are informative and easy to understand. This is important especially with the cosmopolitan population and make up of tourists who visit London. 

Both Christian and Brendan work very well together and are great ambassadors for the club. 

A productive visit ended with a #bookbikeondon share of Diego Mag too. 

You can book your tour of Craven Cottage online, over the phone on 0203 841 9057 or by emailing tours@fulhamfc.com 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Natural Remedy Clinic (London)


As you get older the old wear and tear sets in and one begins to experience frequent, aches, pains, new and recurring injuries. 

I’ve been experiencing discomfort on my left shoulder, lower back, down the back of my legs and heel. 

I’d been meaning to visit The Natural Remedy Clinic but this latest development pushed me to pay a visit.

Treatments after a consultation at #thenaturalremedyclinic include wet/dry cupping, fire cupping, and massages. 

The experience was worth it and more. The therapist was courteous, polite and reassuring (it was my first time). He explained each step of the process. 

The whole experience was pleasant and highlighted areas which required attention. This is complimentary therapy and not a replacement and I was advised to see my GP too. 

As I’m a 365 day cyclist, runner, walker I’m going to be visiting regularly from now onwards. 

Awesome treatment and I highly recommend The Natural Remedy Clinic. 


What is Cupping?

A partial vacuum is used to create suction  within the cups, this causes negative pressure to increase blood flow, which in turn helps alleviate pain and kick starts the toxin removal process.

Cupping is also a powerful lymphatic drainage treatment, as it helps to move excess fluids/toxins from the tissues.

Cupping is used to treat eczema and acne, muscle and joint pain, headaches and migraines, anxiety and depression, respiratory issues, high blood pressure, as well as enhancing recovery time.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sizzling Sylhet crowned District Cup Winners!

Sylhet District have been crowned champions of the Bangladesh District Cup of 2021.

After a year of postponement due to lockdown and the Coronavirus pandemic the cricket championships returned, played outdoors for the very first time at Seven Kings Park.

Ten teams representing Districts of Bangladesh took to the fields today to battle it out for the right to take over from Dhaka Gladiators as champions. 

With Dhaka exiting early, it was confirmed that there would be a new name on the trophy. Sylhet battled through the group stages, defeating Noakhali, Hobiganj, and the prize scalp of Sunamganj, before swiftly dispatching Ayaz Karim’s Chittagong in the semi final  

Sunamganj beat Moulvibazar Bazar to set up a star studded final against Sylhet. The two titans locked horns once again but Sylhet had the momentum and we’re just too strong for an excellent Sunamganj team. 

Our team were simply breathtaking, proving those watching with a real treat seldom seem at grassroots level. The brand of cricket on show was a cut above the rest of our respected opponents. Having said all that, many a talented team has succumbed to expectation and pressure, but not this team. The mental strength and belief shown, the consistency in sticking to the game plan, the attention to detail was all exemplary. 

We were unbeaten throughout - Beating Noakhali, Hobiganj and the big one against Sunamganj to wrap up the group, followed by a bloodbath against Chittagong in the semi finals and a comfortable final win against a formidable Sunamganj.

Mehdi Abbas was named the tournaments Most Valuable Player with some phenomenal displays with both bat and ball. Having been recognised as a prodigious talent since the age of thirteen, many who have had the pleasure of witnessing the rise of the all rounder took a great deal of pleasure in seeing him peak today. 

The incredible Robin Das was highest run scorer and Mehedi Hasan Chowdhury Radi as highest wicket taker. 

Thanks to Relaks Radio thousands of people, both in the UK and abroad were able to enjoy a feast of cricket, played on a perfect sunny day. 

Special guests during our presentation included Shahidul Alam Ratan and BCSA Chair Abdus Salam, Rashid Ali, Chairman of the Inner London Football League, Osmani Nagar manager Jakir Ahmed, Kabir, Hussain and legend Shuzad Miah, Lokuj Jaman from Gulapganj, Humayun from Sylhet Sadar, Jamal Bhai from Sonali Othith, Selim Bhai from Beanibazar, Abdus Samad from the Vantage Accident Management Group, Lutfur Rahman of Work Permit Cloud WPC, Councillors Jyotsna and Sham Islam from Redbridge Council.

Our sponsors Abdus Samad from the Vantage Accident Management Group, Lutfur Rahman of Work Permit Cloud WPC shelled out with hard cash to help pay for kit, food, entry fee etc. 

Community sponsors are a breed apart. They receive no recompense at all when they support grassroots events, apart from the satisfaction of helping their community. I’m so glad you were both there to witness all of this. And yes, I will be knocking on your door again brothers. 

Bangladesh District Cup official Jawar Ali, Essex County Cricket Board Director commented, “It’s been a phenomenal day full of friendship, fun and excellent cricket. Congratulations to Sylhet on lifting the trophy on such a memorable day. 

“This event will serve many great purposes, but above all it has bought us together and provided sunshine after such a difficult two years living through lockdown and a global pandemic.”

Sylhet District Captain Sayfur Rahman added, “It has been a difficult and challenging journey for us after the way our lives have been affected. I want to thank my coaching colleagues and players for their never say die attitude as we have had so many obstacles to defeat. 

“Our squad of players and management were behind special today and it made me emotional to see us all operating to such high standards to achieve our objectives. 

Sayfur has been exceptional since being handed the captaincy, committed, knowledgeable and commanding respect on and off the field. He is after all from Osmani Nagar and they are made of stern stuff there. The sacrifices he has made and the networking to help assemble such a prized squad is now legend. 

I should add that having the technical knowledge of Sylhet coaching legend Maruf Hasan was a huge bonus for me and each time I tapped into his vast mind bank I came away having learnt something profound. 

Today we witnessed a phenomenal team, unbeaten all day, in control, assured, oozing class, self belief and confidence in every single game - The conduct of each member of the squad as ambassadors was outstanding. 

Thank you BCSA for an extraordinary day and to our opponents for helping make this day so special. Personally, I am indebted and reserve special and personal thanks to Jawar for the faith shown in our coaching team. He did what Rashid Ali of the ILFL did four years ago by taking an out of the box decision and handing me the Vets World Cup manager for Bangladesh. Your belief in us was greater than our own!

This is a journey which began with Ahmed Choudhury paying four visits to my doorstep with a Scintilla sweater - He is the grand architect and catalyst here!

It was a very satisfying cycle home in the dark. I hadn’t anticipated being out all long and had no headlights. Some champions like a limo, Jordan Henderson put his feet up on the Liverpool FC chartered plane after the Champions League win, others a jet, an open top bus as their preferred choice but for me it’s my trusty two wheeler - the GIANT gifted to me by a close friend for #bookbikelondon I had the trophy sticking out the top of my rucksack and hot lots of peculiar glances and even a horn or three from cars too close for comfort. I like to think they were just saluting Sizzling Sylhet - The Bangladesh District Cup Champions of 2021.

Sylhet District - Bangladesh District Cup Champions 2021

Emdad Rahman

Team Coach and Sylhet District Chairman

Maruf Hasan

Team Coach

Jamil Chowdhury

Player and Team Managing Director

Sayfur Rahman

Team Captain and Deputy Managing Director

Alomgir Ali

Comms and Media Manager

Akhlakun Nobi Jewel

Team operations Co-ordinator

Ali Amjad Misbah

Team Consultant

Sylhet District Players Squad 2021

1. Sayfur Rahman (Captain)

2. Jamil Chowdhury (Vice Captain)

3. Mohammad Chowdhury

4. Ali Amjad Misbah

5. Mitu Ahmed

6. Ripon Noor

7. Fakhrul Hussain 

8. Sanjid Sami

9. AZM Johnny

10. Mehedi Abbas 

11. Muzzammal Salman

12. Azimunnoor Chowdhury 

13. Habib Shiplu

14. Abul Hussain 

15. Zakoan Chowdhury