Friday, December 31, 2021

Historic Craven Cottage - Home of Fulham FC

I’d been communicating with Ed for a while in anticipation of visiting this historic ground and taking part in the stadium tour of London’s oldest club.

I got there in the end and it was well worth the wait again. Fulham Football Club may be down the pecking order, what with the capital boasting an array of glitzy big name clubs but there’s no doubting the authenticity and feel of this iconic ground. 

Thanks to #bookbikelondon and my trusty Santander Cycle I was able to make it almost on time, dashing from Parsons Green and cycling through the ‘Green Mile’ across the lovely Bishops Park. 

At the Johnny Haynes statue I met with tour hosts Christian, Brendan and fellow guests, including Sunderland fans recovering from the League Cup beating from the night before at the Emirates. 

Johnny Haynes is unanimously accepted as the clubs greatest player. The stylish inside forward played 56 times for England, 22 games as captain. 

The ‘Maestro’ was a one club man who holds the all time appearance record and led the club scoring charts until Gordon Davies took overtook him during the end of the eighties. 

Pele described the Fulham legend as the best passer of the ball he’d ever seen.

We were treated to pitch side views and witnessed the impressive work taking place on the Riverside Stand and Development which will create a new, vibrant, modern, and outstanding riverfront destination. 

The Cottage itself is a true landmark and along with the Johnny Haynes Stand it is a designated Grade II listed building. It remains among the great sights in football and testament to Archibald Leitch’s workmanship. 

The Cottage Pavilion also includes the manager’s game day office, changing rooms, a restaurant and a balcony from where the more wealthy guests can enjoy the game.

We visited both home and away dressing rooms, and were reminded of the greats who had sat within them ahead of gracing the turf on a given matchday - Haynes, Bobby Moore, George Best, George Cohen and Edwin Van Der Sar. 

The small but classy VIP area was next and we were told the lounge had been refurbished at a cost of £1 million in he last few years. 

This is an authentic Stadium and even though it was empty the atmosphere felt like there was still a crowd inside. It’s tight and compact, it’s homely and charming. 

The tour commenced at a steady pace and the hosts are informative and easy to understand. This is important especially with the cosmopolitan population and make up of tourists who visit London. 

Both Christian and Brendan work very well together and are great ambassadors for the club. 

A productive visit ended with a #bookbikeondon share of Diego Mag too. 

You can book your tour of Craven Cottage online, over the phone on 0203 841 9057 or by emailing 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Natural Remedy Clinic (London)


As you get older the old wear and tear sets in and one begins to experience frequent, aches, pains, new and recurring injuries. 

I’ve been experiencing discomfort on my left shoulder, lower back, down the back of my legs and heel. 

I’d been meaning to visit The Natural Remedy Clinic but this latest development pushed me to pay a visit.

Treatments after a consultation at #thenaturalremedyclinic include wet/dry cupping, fire cupping, and massages. 

The experience was worth it and more. The therapist was courteous, polite and reassuring (it was my first time). He explained each step of the process. 

The whole experience was pleasant and highlighted areas which required attention. This is complimentary therapy and not a replacement and I was advised to see my GP too. 

As I’m a 365 day cyclist, runner, walker I’m going to be visiting regularly from now onwards. 

Awesome treatment and I highly recommend The Natural Remedy Clinic. 

What is Cupping?

A partial vacuum is used to create suction  within the cups, this causes negative pressure to increase blood flow, which in turn helps alleviate pain and kick starts the toxin removal process.

Cupping is also a powerful lymphatic drainage treatment, as it helps to move excess fluids/toxins from the tissues.

Cupping is used to treat eczema and acne, muscle and joint pain, headaches and migraines, anxiety and depression, respiratory issues, high blood pressure, as well as enhancing recovery time.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sizzling Sylhet crowned District Cup Winners!

Sylhet District have been crowned champions of the Bangladesh District Cup of 2021.

After a year of postponement due to lockdown and the Coronavirus pandemic the cricket championships returned, played outdoors for the very first time at Seven Kings Park.

Ten teams representing Districts of Bangladesh took to the fields today to battle it out for the right to take over from Dhaka Gladiators as champions. 

With Dhaka exiting early, it was confirmed that there would be a new name on the trophy. Sylhet battled through the group stages, defeating Noakhali, Hobiganj, and the prize scalp of Sunamganj, before swiftly dispatching Ayaz Karim’s Chittagong in the semi final  

Sunamganj beat Moulvibazar Bazar to set up a star studded final against Sylhet. The two titans locked horns once again but Sylhet had the momentum and we’re just too strong for an excellent Sunamganj team. 

Our team were simply breathtaking, proving those watching with a real treat seldom seem at grassroots level. The brand of cricket on show was a cut above the rest of our respected opponents. Having said all that, many a talented team has succumbed to expectation and pressure, but not this team. The mental strength and belief shown, the consistency in sticking to the game plan, the attention to detail was all exemplary. 

We were unbeaten throughout - Beating Noakhali, Hobiganj and the big one against Sunamganj to wrap up the group, followed by a bloodbath against Chittagong in the semi finals and a comfortable final win against a formidable Sunamganj.

Mehdi Abbas was named the tournaments Most Valuable Player with some phenomenal displays with both bat and ball. Having been recognised as a prodigious talent since the age of thirteen, many who have had the pleasure of witnessing the rise of the all rounder took a great deal of pleasure in seeing him peak today. 

The incredible Robin Das was highest run scorer and Mehedi Hasan Chowdhury Radi as highest wicket taker. 

Thanks to Relaks Radio thousands of people, both in the UK and abroad were able to enjoy a feast of cricket, played on a perfect sunny day. 

Special guests during our presentation included Shahidul Alam Ratan and BCSA Chair Abdus Salam, Rashid Ali, Chairman of the Inner London Football League, Osmani Nagar manager Jakir Ahmed, Kabir, Hussain and legend Shuzad Miah, Lokuj Jaman from Gulapganj, Humayun from Sylhet Sadar, Jamal Bhai from Sonali Othith, Selim Bhai from Beanibazar, Abdus Samad from the Vantage Accident Management Group, Lutfur Rahman of Work Permit Cloud WPC, Councillors Jyotsna and Sham Islam from Redbridge Council.

Our sponsors Abdus Samad from the Vantage Accident Management Group, Lutfur Rahman of Work Permit Cloud WPC shelled out with hard cash to help pay for kit, food, entry fee etc. 

Community sponsors are a breed apart. They receive no recompense at all when they support grassroots events, apart from the satisfaction of helping their community. I’m so glad you were both there to witness all of this. And yes, I will be knocking on your door again brothers. 

Bangladesh District Cup official Jawar Ali, Essex County Cricket Board Director commented, “It’s been a phenomenal day full of friendship, fun and excellent cricket. Congratulations to Sylhet on lifting the trophy on such a memorable day. 

“This event will serve many great purposes, but above all it has bought us together and provided sunshine after such a difficult two years living through lockdown and a global pandemic.”

Sylhet District Captain Sayfur Rahman added, “It has been a difficult and challenging journey for us after the way our lives have been affected. I want to thank my coaching colleagues and players for their never say die attitude as we have had so many obstacles to defeat. 

“Our squad of players and management were behind special today and it made me emotional to see us all operating to such high standards to achieve our objectives. 

Sayfur has been exceptional since being handed the captaincy, committed, knowledgeable and commanding respect on and off the field. He is after all from Osmani Nagar and they are made of stern stuff there. The sacrifices he has made and the networking to help assemble such a prized squad is now legend. 

I should add that having the technical knowledge of Sylhet coaching legend Maruf Hasan was a huge bonus for me and each time I tapped into his vast mind bank I came away having learnt something profound. 

Today we witnessed a phenomenal team, unbeaten all day, in control, assured, oozing class, self belief and confidence in every single game - The conduct of each member of the squad as ambassadors was outstanding. 

Thank you BCSA for an extraordinary day and to our opponents for helping make this day so special. Personally, I am indebted and reserve special and personal thanks to Jawar for the faith shown in our coaching team. He did what Rashid Ali of the ILFL did four years ago by taking an out of the box decision and handing me the Vets World Cup manager for Bangladesh. Your belief in us was greater than our own!

This is a journey which began with Ahmed Choudhury paying four visits to my doorstep with a Scintilla sweater - He is the grand architect and catalyst here!

It was a very satisfying cycle home in the dark. I hadn’t anticipated being out all long and had no headlights. Some champions like a limo, Jordan Henderson put his feet up on the Liverpool FC chartered plane after the Champions League win, others a jet, an open top bus as their preferred choice but for me it’s my trusty two wheeler - the GIANT gifted to me by a close friend for #bookbikelondon I had the trophy sticking out the top of my rucksack and hot lots of peculiar glances and even a horn or three from cars too close for comfort. I like to think they were just saluting Sizzling Sylhet - The Bangladesh District Cup Champions of 2021.

Sylhet District - Bangladesh District Cup Champions 2021

Emdad Rahman

Team Coach and Sylhet District Chairman

Maruf Hasan

Team Coach

Jamil Chowdhury

Player and Team Managing Director

Sayfur Rahman

Team Captain and Deputy Managing Director

Alomgir Ali

Comms and Media Manager

Akhlakun Nobi Jewel

Team operations Co-ordinator

Ali Amjad Misbah

Team Consultant

Sylhet District Players Squad 2021

1. Sayfur Rahman (Captain)

2. Jamil Chowdhury (Vice Captain)

3. Mohammad Chowdhury

4. Ali Amjad Misbah

5. Mitu Ahmed

6. Ripon Noor

7. Fakhrul Hussain 

8. Sanjid Sami

9. AZM Johnny

10. Mehedi Abbas 

11. Muzzammal Salman

12. Azimunnoor Chowdhury 

13. Habib Shiplu

14. Abul Hussain 

15. Zakoan Chowdhury 

Monday, September 06, 2021

#bookbikelondon milestones

#bookbikelondon recently hit the 4000 book milestone. This would not be possible without unparalleled help from my community. 

Here’s one example of the sheer magic of having a strong and effective community network, where members look for opportunities to give others a leg up. 

Rofikul was the first person to source me a cycle, going as far as the South Coast to secure me a decent two wheeler. It served me very well until it was stolen. What I will always remember is how hard and out of his way he went for me to have this. 

By then #bookbikelondon had started to gain momentum and support and fast forward we are heading towards 5000. 

Cheers Rof! May you be rewarded with all things good.

There are many stories of people who have gone out of their way to support #bookbikelondon with not a single mention of wanting recompense or anything in return from me. Many are so low key they would be horrified at the mere public mention of their names. 

This project is organic and will develop its own pathway whilst inspiring others to engage in similar services. The concept has succeeded 100% - After all, we are powered by the people!

Ones efforts are a reflection of their community and one of the things I look forward to most of all is witnessing how this project thrives through the help of family, friends, total strangers. Each week I’m offered something from someone, be it a book, stationary, word search, board game, consoles, medicine, food parcels. 

It is a phenomenon to behold - Thank you all!

Note: My total spend so far: £0.00.

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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Historic move for Zidan as youngster joins Rayo Vallecano


British born youngster Zidan Miah has become the first Bangladeshi origin British footballer to sign for a top flight Spanish football club. 

After a successful two month trial at the Real Madrid Resident Academy, the 21 year old has joined the newly promoted La Liga club, Rayo Vallecano.

As a youngster Zidan started at the David Beckham Academy before moving onto Bromley FC, where his prodigious talent led to a subsequent step up to FC Dallas and Columbus Crew in the United States. 

After joining Los Franjirrojos it was confirmed that Zidan will initially play in the B team before a much anticipated debut at Campo de FĂștbol de Vallecas.

Zidan spoke after signing: “I’m very proud to announce that I have signed with Rayo Vallecano FC for the 2021/2022 season. I would like to thank the club for giving me this opportunity and for believing in me. To my coaches and mentors, current and over the years, a very big thank you for all your support, time and love.

“I would also like to thank my family for all they have sacrificed over the years, without them I wouldn’t be where or who I am today. 

“Lastly I would like to thank those who have followed my journey through social media, especially those in my country of origin, Bangladesh. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed, thank you for all the love you have shown me.

“The hard work starts now!”

Sylhet Sadar crowned Greater Sylhet Champions 2021


Sylhet Sadar crowned Greater Sylhet Champions 2021

Emdad Rahman

The Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup has returned after an absence of two years. 

Due to Covid the greatly heralded UK Bangladeshi football festival had been on hold since Bishwanath lifted the trophy in 2019.

Mabley Green was once again the choice of venue to host the prestigious tournament, with players turning up from all over the UK to represent the team of their origins in Bangladesh. 

Sylhet Sadar played a splendid brand of football throughout the day to defeat the 2017 champions Chattak on penalties in the final. Captain Habibur Rahman was greeted by jubilant supporters as he lifted to prestigious trophy for Sadar for the very first time.

Joint managers Helal Uzzaman and Abdul Khaher cited teamwork for the primary reason for success; “Our team spirit has been magnificent throughout the day and each time we have faced obstacles, like going a goal behind, we have dug deep and refused to accept defeat. This is an honour which is hard to beat.”

Upon delivery of another excellent and smooth running tournament, Sonali Othith chairman Jamal Uddin commented, “Covid may have halted our involvement in our beloved game but it hasn’t broken our spirit.

“We are at the forefront of engaging veteran footballers, providing opportunities and engagement. 

“Thanks to all participating teams, our sponsors, supporters, officials and congratulations to Sylhet Sadar on becoming the new champions.”

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Dudbokshi are crowned Beanibazar Village Cup winners 2021

Emdad Rahman

Mathiura Dudbokshi FC have been crowned the first ever Beanibazar Village Cup winners. 

The tournament in Mile End, organised by Beanibazar Sporting Club UK was the first ever get together of this nature. 

Beanibazar is a sub district in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh and the tournament brought together thirty teams and hundreds of supporters to take part in a historic day of togetherness, frivolity, unity and great football. 

The draw for the inaugural tournament had earlier this week been held at The London Enterprise Academy, Tower Hamlets and was attended by Team Managers and the Sporting Clubs Committee

The day saw hundreds of young and old Beanibazaris descend on Mile End as thirty teams locked horns with some very competitive but very good natured football over the course of six straight hours. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit was witnessing the joy of sons, fathers, uncles and relatives playing together on the very same pitch, decked out in identical kits. 

In the final, Hamid Yusuf’s Dudbokshi defeated Abul Hussain’s Piror Chok in the final with Rayhan Yusuf and Abdur Rahim delivering two hammer blows, the winner with literally the last kick of the game. . 

It was left to Dudbokshi talisman Abdul Basit to make Beanibazari history by lifting the very first trophy. 

Beanibazar Sporting Club UK President Mesba Ahmed who was himself in splendid form with Nidonpur commented, “Today has been above and beyond our wildest expectations, it has been an exhilarating and hair raising experience, bringing everyone together. 

“This is what Beanibazar Sporting Club UK is about - small projects to engage with our community. Really,  it has been a day of great joy seeing so many familiar faces, many who have meet each other after years and decades. We’re very proud of this achievement. 

“Nothing would have been possible without my colleagues - Mahbub Ahmed, Fokrul Islam, Forhad Hussain Tipu, Sorwar Alam, Akbar Hussain, Ruhel Ahmed Tarin, Mohammed Ruhel, Emdad Rahman for the phenomenal amount of work each and every individual has put in, not only today, but in the lead up, planning and organising. I am privileged to be working with such dedicated champions.”

The charity partner for the day was Beani Bazar Cancer and General Hospital, a charity based in the UK that aims to create awareness and provide medical treatment for disadvantaged cancer patients in Bangladesh.

Speaking after the event Abdul Samad, BBCH Trustee commented, “This is a historic day for expatriate Beanibazaris and it’s been so exciting to use football to bring our community together with the added bonus of raising awareness of our marvellous projects at the hospital.”

Md Shab Uddin, CEO, Managing Director of Beanibazar Cancer Hospital added, “Today’s spirit is powered by  families representing their own villages in the Cup and this will be the catalyst for greater unity amongst the old and young, whilst educating about our shared heritage. Well done everyone, you’ve all been fantastic!”

Beanibazar Sporting Club UK is dedicated to promoting unity, awareness and heritage education through a wide range of sports activities.

Monday, August 09, 2021

Beanibazar Sporting Club hold Village Cup Draw!

Emdad Rahman: Beanibazar Sporting Club UK have announced plans for the first ever Village Cup which takes place this Sunday. 

The draw for the inaugural tournament was held at The London Enterprise Academy, Tower Hamlets and was attended by Team Managers and the Sporting Clubs Committee. 

Beanibazar is an upazila of Sylhet District in northeastern Bangladesh, part of the Sylhet Division.

Speaking after the event BSCUK President Mesba Ahmed commented, “This is a historic and happy moment for expatriate Beanibazaris and we are really excited to use football to bring our community together.

“Our ethos is based on families representing their own villages in the Cup and this will promote greater unity amongst the old and young, whilst educating about our shared heritage.

“This Sunday we will have lots of families and friends coming together in what promises to be a day of great fanfare.”

The live cup draw involving thirty teams for the 5 a side event took place and there was a Q&A session with attendees. 

The Beanibazar Village Cup 2021 takes place at Mile End Stadium on Sunday 15th August 2021 a 12-5 pm. 

Beanibazar Village Cup 2021 Draw

Group A



Gungadhia FC

Joldup sporting Club


Group B



Mathiura Duakha Sporting Club



Group C

Mathiura Bazar Sporting Club

Kangli All Stars

Sreedhora Red

Nidonpur AFC


Group D



Sreedhora Green

Abdullapur Sporting Club

Mathiura Dudbokshi

Group E




Uttar Akhakhazna 

Pathon FC

Group F

Mathiura Bejgram United


Kalaiura Sporting Club

Dudbokshi FC

Piror Chok

Friday, July 02, 2021

Freedom 50 cyclists complete historic Oldham to London cycle!

A group of cyclists have completed Freedom 50 - A historic cycle ride and national initiative with individuals and organisations coming together to form a collective to celebrate 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence.   

Through Freedom 50, cyclists visited 8 UK cities to promote global warming and raising money for charity.

The final leg from Finsbury Park Mosque after Friday Jumuah prayers to Whitechapel saw the riders being greeted and welcomed by students from the London Enterprise, it’s Headteacher Ashid Ali and world record percussion drummer Sudarshan Das. 

Speaking after the cyclists arrived at Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel, Muzahid Khan, newly appointed Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester commented, “It’s been a roller coaster and emotional experience with friends, family and strangers coming together under one banner for a common purpose. Congratulations to everyone - The hard work has paid off!”

Tower Hamlets First Citizen and official Speaker, the Honourable Ahbab Hossain was the chief guest and welcomed all the riders to Whitechapel alongside Ward Councillor Faruque Mahfuz Ahmed. 

Councillor Abdal Ullah, who is joint convenor alongside Ayesha Qureshi MBE of the prestigious British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration publication added, “I am thrilled that such a momentous event has been completed without any hitches. This is a testament to the team, volunteers and the cyclists for all their wonderful work. 

“We have raised awareness of the importance issue of climate change and how it affects Bangladesh as a country. With the generosity of the community £30,000 has been raised for street children projects - A phenomenal achieving.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

East End Covid Support Network Reaches 30,000 milestone!

Through providing food, food banks do so much more than feed people — they help all members of a community receive the fuel they need to be their best. Developing our network of food banks is helping build stronger communities meal by meal.

It’s unacceptable that people are facing hunger in a nation with more than enough food to go around. And not only is it unacceptable, but it hurts us all — hunger weakens communities by threatening people’s ability to reach their potential and fully contribute to their communities.

Since the start of Covid-19  the East End Covid Support Network has been working tirelessly to support the communities in need. 

Abdal, Rofikul and Emdad as part of the East End Covid Support Network have co-ordinated the deliveries of  30,000 food parcels since the first Covid-19 lockdown. This milestone is huge to us and a testament to what we as a community can achieve. 

Freeman of the City of London, Rofikul Islam commented “As a nation, we know it isn’t right that anyone should be left hungry or living in extreme poverty. But whilst we work for long-term change, our network of food banks provides emergency food and compassionate, dignified support to people locked in crisis. We are grateful every day for your support and the opportunity to serve.”

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Bookbike London teams up with Barking Learning Centre

February Half Term 12-21st February

This is a brief summary of the volunteering we carried out over the February 2021 Half Term School Break.

We were approached and supported by the Barking Learning Centre to support local residents who were affected by the Coronavirus lockdown. Almost one third of recipients (61) have suffered with mental health, including, anxiety and depression, PTSD, Psychosis, and OCD. 

Of the 185 families we visited the total number of females reached was 124 over 16 separate trips during the holiday period.

Thanks to Zoinul Abidin and the team for the fabulous books - You’ve all made a community very happy. 



Homeless hostel


Mental health patients




Teenagers 16-18




Elderly over 65


Toddlers 0-5




Teenagers 16-18


Foodbank recipients


Total 185



White English














Distance covered 

167.7 km 


Friday, February 26, 2021

I want my child to become a Hafidh (Molana Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia)


Review by M E Rahman 


As a passionate advocate of many years for the art of Quranic memorisation I picked up this short and concise guide with great anticipation and gusto. The fact that the text is a short one greatly intrigued me as I strongly believe that instructions in such matters are far more effective in brief.  


It was reported that the Prophet (SA) said: “It will be said to the companion of the Quran: “Read, ascend and recite like you used to recite in the world, for surely your abode is the last verse you read!” 


This guide by the Author takes great pains to highlight the traits a student of the Quran should focus on developing, namely piety and good conduct with one and all.  


Becoming a Hafidh of the Quran is not an exact science. Aside from the standard three-year processes delivered by various institutes we now see a shift in learning culture with parents investing in studying of methods and implementation of tips, resources and brain exercises to assist the student with memorisation.  


There is also the new phenomenon of the older and more mature student, who has a long-term plan and is content to memorise a few chapters per year. 


This is the Author’s very first book and it greatly interested me that he is a fellow blogger and used this medium to first transcribe his thoughts, tips, and guidelines. He states he isn’t an expert but rather someone who wishes to share his love for the Quran and useful recommendations and insights gained over years of teaching students in various settings.  


Before one reads the book, they should be reminded that becoming a Hafidh is not obligatory on everyone and if a community has a few Huffadh to carry this obligation then the rest are absolved of this duty. For context it is useful to note that not all the Sahabah memorised the Quran, nor was the Master of Hadith Imam Bukhari a Hafidh either. 


And so, with this regard the Author exhorts parents to strike a balance, to have realistic expectations and be aware that their children may not be equipped to fulfil this. This scene reminds me of watching football parents on the sidelines, screaming, shouting and profusely expressing disappointment at the performance of their little charges, little realising the downside and psychological impact on the wellbeing of the child. They also berate the officials and everyone else connected as their frustration spills over like a volcanic eruption. They live their broken dreams through the lives of their children. 


In such circumstances it is better that a child memorises the essential Surahs and practises them consistently. Many students as such who do complete memorisation with such parental pressure behind them may never go on to look at or revise a single page thereafter as their experience has developed a complete loathing for the Quran.  


It is all about creating a balance, one which expertly takes into consideration all needs and aspects of the learner, with the main intention becoming to preserve the memorisation. Imam Ibn Ul Munadi narrates in Mutashabih Al Quran, “The Salaf were always afraid of forgetting the Quran after they memorised it, because it was classed as a shortcoming.” 


The Author skilfully addresses the hopes of “Hifdh Parents, describing them as “A mum or Dad whose social, emotional, physical and psychological decisions are governed by what Para (chapter) their children are memorising.” It is preferable that families work together to develop a love for the Quran and encourage each other to instil its important messages within their lives. This can only enhance the learning and memorisation journey for the student. 


The Author provides expert tips and analysis and I have hand picked some for the benefit of the reader: 


  • Observe your child’s memorisation aptitude and seek advice and a second opinion. 
  • Instil the love of the Quran – One method is employing the use of Audio Qurans. 
  • Introduce the culture of learning the Quran early in their lives. 
  • Provide incentives and rewards for achievements and milestones. 
  • Have a set timetable – Order and discipline is important. 
  • Encourage healthy competition. Do not chastise for one child not emulating the good results of another. 
  • Model by engaging in some memorisation yourself. 
  • Ambience and environment is crucial. I have seen instances of banging doors, relatives and family barging in, loud TV and music in the next room. This is a nightmare scenario for a student. A serene and relaxed atmosphere without distractions is an absolute must. 
  • Pace accordingly – To some it may be a three-year journey, for others it may take a decade. I know someone who completed memorisation in three months. Everybody has their own limitations – The speed of the journey may vary but the destination is the same. 
  • Be patient at all times. 


A lot of Hifdh parents would agree that it is difficult and cumbersome to motivate your own children, so a good teacher is essential. It isn’t always a great idea to have 20-30 kids in a class. This can’t be compared to mainstream school as the students are with their teacher for barely 2 hours each evening. Some parents will go for extra support whilst others will make financial sacrifices to go 1-1 to ensure their child receives 100% of the teacher’s focus and attention. It helps in these instances if the teacher can become a mentor to the student at the same time for a far more superior teaching and learning experience.  


A good teacher is: 


  • A mentor and guide. 
  • Will be prepared to demonstrate by reading out loud. 
  • Will exercise patience at all times. 


As described by Umm Muhammad, memorising the Quran is like working out with weights. At first you lift light and heavier weights seem impossible. You stand and admire in awe how others are effortless in lifting far heavy weights. But if you persevere then you too will find yourself conquering those weights with great ease. 


I have found this guidance a pleasure to read. It has informed and educated me whilst also rekindling a desire to brush the cobwebs and refresh old practises. I am most certain that the reader will benefit tremendously from this book and urge parents, students and teachers to take time out, read and reflect upon its contents. 


I complained to Wakee about my poor memory 

Give up your sins was his advice to me 

For knowledge is a light from divinity 

And the light of God is veiled by iniquity 


Imam Shafi’ee 

Enquiries -