Monday, April 09, 2007

Poem - Who will weep for Muhammad?

Young Muhammad, a twelve year old, his life ahead of him
Blasted into eternity, at the hand of a sniper’s whim
‘Shoot not’ screamed Jamal as they took refuge from the crossfire
Even the angels weep for Muhammad sing the palestinian choir
‘For the love of God protect me Baba’, who can forget this utterance
For young angelic Muhammad there was to be no second chance
Immortalised by the great wonder of modern technology
Millions worldwide still await an impending apology
The camera shutter whirs, click, click, could he have fled?
Moments later a fatal bullet, Muhammad is dead
Physically yes, but alive in my heart
I couldn’t say goodbye Muhammad, you were too quick to depart

In memory of Muhammad Al Durrah
(c) - Emdad Rahman

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