Friday, June 03, 2011

The flying Irishman - Peter McParland

Thoroughbred from Dundalk
All out to pop the bubble
Fought Sir Matt's Babes to foil 
The century's first double

Remembering the fifty seven final
McParland away Scott free
With the most notorious challenge 
In FA Cup history

Bull charge on Ray Wood
Smacking the Red Devils face
Walloped and cracked cheekbone
Then won the cup with a brace

Villa's seventh and last FA Cup
Starring Johnny Dixon and Stan Lynn
Seamus with a decade of service
Houghton's gift from George Martin

International at just nineteen
Five Jules Rimet goals in total
Propelling the Northern Irish 
To a World Cup Quarter final

In the Golden Boot race
Only Pele, Fontaine and Rahn 
Their smoking boots hit the net 
A few more times than Peter Pan

Number 7
© Emdad Rahman

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