Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Londoners wouldn’t want to live anywhere else

New online research from YouGov’s London Omnibus reveals that Londoners believe house/rental prices do not represent good value for money. 

However, despite this they would not want to live anywhere else in the UK.
68% of London homeowners disagree with the statement ‘House prices in London represent good value for money’. Interestingly, a higher proportion of female homeowners (76%) disagreed with this statement. Just 58% of male homeowners shared the same sentiment.

Similarly, nearly three quarters of renters in London (74%) disagree with the statement ‘The cost of renting in London represents good value for money’. Renters who worked full time were most disgruntled as 80% chose to disagree with the aforementioned statement.

However, over half of homeowners and renters in London (54% and 52% respectively) agree with the statement ‘At the moment, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the UK’.

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