Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mobile phone users are epic texters, says Which?

Mobile phone users are epic texters, says Which?

By sending 10 texts a day, the average mobile user writes the equivalent of epic novel War and Peace every five and a half years, according to new research by Which? Mobile.

With 15% of pay monthly users and 5% of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers sending more than 20 texts a day, heavy texters could write the equivalent of The Complete Works of Shakespeare in just over four years.

Customers on a contract tend to be more prolific texters, with pay monthly and SIM-only customers sending an average of 13 texts a day, more than double the texts than the average pay-as-you-go user***.

Unlimited text deals on SIM-only and pay monthly contracts can cost as little as £10 a month. The cost of sending a text for PAYG customers cost around 10p, depending on the network.

Five literary classics by text:

1. The Complete works of William Shakespeare – 30255 texts
2. War & Peace – 19986 texts
3. The Count of Monte Cristo – 16258 texts
4. Ulysses – 9404 texts
5. Great Expectations – 6269 texts

Tom McLennan, Head of Which? Mobile says:

"If you're an epic texter make sure you're on a phone deal that reflects your usage. Our research shows that many pay-as-you-go customers could save themselves a bundle by making sure they get the right top-up incentives or even switching to a pay monthly or SIM-only deal."

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