Friday, June 17, 2011

Paul Hawksbee

Paul Hawksbee was co-founder of 90 minutes football magazine. I used to buy every issue and it was simply untouchable as the best weekly football mag in the market. I was gutted when it stopped circulating.

Paul was at Hyde park during the Champions League Festival. During a charity match for the Bobby Moore fund for Cancer Research UK, Paul's Talksport comrades were battered by the Houses of Parliament FC.

Near the end we strategically moved near the entrance in the hope of nabbing Paul. Imagine my delight when we were able to get easy access. Here we pose with the Talksport legend, a genuine and thoroughly nice gentleman. The kids now have a face to the guy that drives them nuts on the drive home from school.

Listen to the deadly double act - Paul Hawksbee & Andy Jacobs every weekday at 1-4 pm on 1053 - 1089 on the medium wave.

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