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Alana Lake is restless. She will not be what you want her to be. Refusing to be typecast, she does not fit into one of the half dozen or so categories which critics use to traverse contemporary art photography. She could easily fit into several; or all of them; and more besides.” David Evans, 2011

The Aubin Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of  photography and video by Royal Academy of Arts graduate Alana Lake.

Lake has a playful approach to image making, incorporating  intervention and jarring composition. Juxtaposition is employed as a tool for introducing a non-linear fantasy narrative; atomised fragments collide to invoke the mythology of Lake’s
connection with her surroundings.

Although her photographs are an account of what Lake sees  and feels, the work is also intended to operate on a more universal level; hinting at our shared reality of dislocation, obsession, isolation, loss and desire. Lake has a recurring set of motifs that feature in her work; birds, hands, inversion and symmetry which symbolize freedom, death, rebellion and beauty in her personal iconography.

Lake (born 1981) is a young British artist, from a small town, Tamworth in Staffordshire. She has an international exhibitions record, having shown in London, Milan, Turin, Helsinki and Zurich.

3 June – 30 June 2011

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