Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Demon Headteacher - Ofsted Inspector

Yesterday the kids and I were racially abused in the Town Centre, and today I was accosted by this Granny.  

Chatting with my friend on my handsfree, I was rushing to catch a train at 4:00 pm to get to Luton for a breaking of fast event. I dropped my umbrella and allowed this charmer right of way on a narrow stretch of my road. 

She retorted: 'you black Asian idiot.' I very politely asked her the reason for such a tone. She said she didn't like people talking on the phone and barging past her (It was I who had politely given her the freedom of the pavement). 

I was bemused. 

I said I thought her attitude was outdated and maybe she was too stuck in her ways to apologise. 

It got better as she kept raising her voice to interrupt whilst I was talking: 'I'm sorry I don't understand your accent and what you're saying - I'm English you see. What are you?' 

At this point I made a point of telling this lady that her bear baiting wouldn't work. She again retorted: 'I'm an Ofsted Inspector with four previous Headships in schools. I don't toe you're line.' I said I pitied her and the establishments she had represented, adding that not everybody had such opportunities as her and turned out like this. 

Read that again - Four Headships and an Ofsted Inspector. 

Not to be outdone, I took a picture and showed her. She was taken aback but still had enough composure to say: 'And I have one (picture) of you. 

I hope Ofsted can clarify whether this woman is from their ranks, and if they do, I potentially have some serious questions to which I seek answers. 

Having said that I think I just needed to rant and will leave it at that. 

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