Monday, August 22, 2011

Mayor visits Shoreditch Mosque

Mayor Lutfur Rahman visited Shoreditch Mosque to meet and greet local residents and worshippers.

In an address to Friday Jumuah prayer attendees, Rahman wished all worshippers a fruitful Ramadan. He also outlined his development for community development for Tower Hamlets and committed to providing support to the residents of Shoreditch. 

There was a tour of the Mosque extension project to cater for the growing number of Mosque attendees.

Tower Hamlets Executive Mayor also called for unity in light of the London riots and the possible EDL march through Tower Hamlets in September. 

He said: "Tower Hamlets has always consisted of rich and vibrant communities coming together as one. The borough has a historical track record of opposing division and intolerance. I will try my hardest to get this march banned. After all, we are working to build a better Tower Hamlets for everyone."

The Mayor is joining calls to ban the EDL and has urged residents to sign the petition being sent to the Government. 

Shoreditch Mosque is undergoing a major refurbishment project. The work consists of expanding and renovating the existing building to increase the capacity to 1000. The projects estimated cost is near £600,000.

There are about a thousand Musallas that need to be donated to raise the £600,000 Shoreditch masjid has to raise for the extension and renovation work. After the work is complete the names of donators will be put on a plaque permanently.

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Anas said...

Thanks Emdad for mentioning the work thats going on in Shoreditch Mosque. anyone that donates after reading your blog, you will be rewarded as well as them.