Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Message to the racist thug in the refuse truck

You are the gentleman driving RX60 BZN, who nearly ran me and my children over in Ripple Road, opposite Vicarage Fields shopping centre at approximately 12:45 today.

You have no excuse for mistaking this built up shopping mall teaming with pedestrians for a race track.

You have no excuse for aggressively barking at me in front of my kids and fellow passersby.

You have no excuse for abusing me by shouting at me to 'get off the road,' and then bellowing publicly; 'I've got work to go to, fuck off you Paki cunt.'

You are a refuse contractor of some sort and have been reported to Barking & Dagenham Council.

You committed this in front of the Police station. I couldn't take the kids to the library as I spent over an hour reporting you.

You will be interested to read that I have a crime ref no and CCTV have confirmed to the Police that there is a recording of the incident.

You deserve to be booted back to the 70's.

You are so going to regret this.


Ann Lambert said...

I trust the police will throw the book at him, and he'll get sacked. awful for you, but in front of the kids as well, words fail me.

Anonymous said...

He's not going to change his ways. There are alot disgruntled people out there. They feel 2nd class citizens in their own country. East London is like South Africa or New Delhi in some parts. I feel sorry Emdad's children. I remember being shocked when my brothers and I were racially abused when we were little. We were scared to go out and play.