Monday, August 15, 2011

Valence House Art

The site on which Valence House now stands was first recorded in a property deed in 1269. The house that stands today dates back at least to the 1400s. This gallery traces the history of the house and surrounding land, and looks at many of the people who have called Valence House home.
Among the objects on view in this gallery is a model of Valence House in 1921, when it was still being used as a family home. You can learn how Valence House was constructed and how it has been decorated through the ages. 

Don't miss the teapot, on loan from the Victoria & Albert Museum. It was made to commemorate the marriage of one of the Merttins family, Valence House's wealthiest residents.
Here's some works of art below.


nancy said...

Great art work over here Emdad. This is amazing.

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maddy said...

Wonderful post! Love your work..Thanks!

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