Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stepney FC - more than a football club

An adventure that surfed the Ocean
On strong tides swept Stepney FC
Picking pace with harmonic motion
Rippling strength for the community

Alan with the promotion launch pad
Then the star who was the scourge of the goal
Prayers for the thirty goal Amjad
May God have mercy on his soul

David Joseph combines new and old
Relegation meant no prize bouquet
It's time for the club to go bold
Forid goes zonal with keep ball play

With Zaa technically directing
Unbeaten title season so pivotal
Lord Mayor's Cup added to the bling
Sonai's men with the millennium title

Thrashing Beaumont five nil at Chelsea
Ken Bates impressed immensely
Much highs and lows aplenty
A long way since nineteen ninety three

Emdad Rahman

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