Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Olympics are here

Walking has become a hobby and as readers will know, I do like taking pictures.

Checking out part of the High Street 2012 Walk I took this one near the Olympic Stadium and minutes later was greeted by three of the  finest from the boys in blue as I was walking back towards Bow.

It was raining and I had a large beanie hat on. Parking my car in Bow, I had also changed my jacket for my coat, absentmindedly leaving my wallet behind. I therefore had no ID to prove who I was but then a spark lit up and I showed the officers my blog and book site to offer some proof whilst we waited for plod to corroborate my ID.

Three things caught my attention. The officers weren't very good at communicating, though we did talk Andy Carroll being reported as a swap deal for Theo Walcott. The radio broke down so I waited 20 minutes for my background to be checked out, and none of the officers had the slightest knowledge of the local area whatsoever. Still they were a nice enough bunch though and it's reassuring to know that safety is a huge priority, tight security is in place and as one officer put it, "people will be challenged." I'll take that if it means a safe event. On the way back I took the pic below. Silly not to I thought as I snapped one.

I'll be avoiding walks in that area until the Olympics have gone. It'll be less like North Korea, more peaceful and a whole lot more dignified.

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