Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympics 2012 Diary of a London Ambassador

Day 4

We patrolled Wembley Arena and Stadium today. Our location manager got up my nose right away - "Emdad? That's an unusual name isn't it?"

I bit down, grimaced and declined the opportunity to hang around the pod with her. Sorry, but I didn't sign up to man a laptop half a mile away from the stadium where all the amazing visitors were teeming.

Michael and I met guests who were leaving the gymnastics and Bootle Jan texted me excitedly to say she had seen us both on TV, standing goofily near Wembley arena decked out in “hideous pink”. I reminded her of Anders Limpar modelling the Salmon away kit for the Toffees. "Not that bad, mind you," she replied.

We met Spaniards, Japanese, Swiss, and French fans. There were Brazilians and Mexicans looking for final tickets for tomorrow. I also met my friend Sombrero Carlos. He was still unsuccessful in obtaining a final ticket. Carlos is a good soul and I feel (and hope) he'll get the golden ticket tomorrow. "I'ma com eight thirty tomorrow morning," he told me in his awesome accent before shaking hands and leaving.

I politely declined an interesting request from a charming Mexican lady for my ID badge as a souvenir. We also met a group of Liverpool supporting Mexicans and a Czech teacher/journalist took a few snaps of us for his Prague newspaper. We ended our discussion with football; Berger, Poborsky, Baros, Smicer, Rosicky. He agreed with me that Patrick Berger had been a better player than Karol Poborsky.

John excitedly told us about watching the women's final last night before heading off for dinner. We discussed the Liverpool v Gomel game with Neil and I sent a ticket enquiry text to Bootle Jan for the Hearts next round away game at Anfield.

We took back boxes of leaflets to the pod. These were leftovers from the previous shift. The manager had a security question. "How do you know there's not a bomb inside?" Duh!!!! Because we took them off the previous shift Holmes! We were then asked to take the boxes back because the pod was too lightweight. "Let's hope someone steals them," was the pathetic remark.

I asked about day 4 and excellence pin badges. "I'm not giving any more away until tomorrow, screeched the foul mouthed manager. "Only enquiring about my entitlement," I exclaimed. "We are all getting excellence badges," I reminded. "I disagree and think that's very strange," cooed the manager. I decided to carry on: "Actually it's an excellent idea. Why should one person get an award for a brilliant team effort? And how exactly can this person judge contribution and award an excellence award when she is operating a laptop half a mile away from where the Ambassadors are welcoming the world? A truly flawed system and a complete joke. Well done to Fazina for recommending us all.

After the wonderful Beau and Fazina we've got little Miss Deluded for two days. A word of sincere advice. Please remember we are volunteers. We often work harder than our paid counterparts because we passionately want to be a part of this. We need an inspiring Manager not a Dictator. Please do not mistake our goodwill for weakness. If it happens again I will have words. Some people just can't help it - they need it presented in bold capitals.

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