Saturday, August 25, 2012

Team London Ambassadors

Unsung heroes of Olympics 2012

Bolt, Ennis, Phelps, Mohammed Farah
Euphoric faces of London’s games
But the legacy of those who volunteer
Will live long after the doused flames

Guests from all over this green earth
At them amity and goodwill unfurled
For every soul met with hearty mirth
When we smiled and greeted the world

Firm friendships fashioned at Wembley
Neil, Michael, Francesco and Megha 
I’m thankful to have joined them on the journey
Each one such a true Ambassador

© Emdad Rahman

This is a tribute to all London Ambassador's, in particular the friends I made, who with little recognition have worked worked tirelessly during the London Olympics and Paralympics of 2012. I am lucky to have met and worked with such wonderful people as Neil, Michael, Megha and Francesco.

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