Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The strange case of football, the EDL and the Mosque

They came to protest that Mosque in York
A tiny digit of the vast majority
Staven and Miah quarrelled the same case
Over the loss of the Drummer Lee Rigby

The English Defence League came calling
Met a wall opposing extreme
Worshippers brandished a piping cup of tea
“Here Maa’m! Please have a custard cream”

Children came forward with common views
All engaged in zonal marking
Holes appeared in the EDL rearguard
To much friendly holler and harking

Off the cuff game of footy breaks out
Love and respect foil the verbal combat
Voices united and wanting to be heard
Please let’s all shout Ameen to that

Well done York Mosque – A fantastic example of engagement as its very best. Wish you all the best with your fundraising and hope this is the beginning of something very special for our communities.

© Emdad Rahman

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ismsul ianfindlay said...

Wonderful bro