Sunday, October 20, 2013

Barking Muslims celebrate Eid Al Adha with community event

Muslims in Barking & Dagenham celebrated the Eid Al Adha by organising a community fun day at the Oasis events hall in Thamesview.

Hundreds of men, women and children from different nationalities came together to offer the obligatory Eid prayers which was followed by a sermon and the family fun day. Activities included wrestling with a sumo, bouncy castle, food and snacks, calligraphy, origami and traditional board games. Participants were awarded certificates.

Event volunteer Shumina said: “It was an exciting experience, with so much fun activates for the kids to do. It was nice to see the children running around having so much fun and it made the day truly unforgettable.”

Khushnood Ahmed, the secretary of the Riverside Muslim Association (RMA) was one of the event organisers and volunteers. She commented: “RMA has made this Eid a most memorable and joyous day. People from different ethnicities attended and many of the women were very happy to participate.
"Eid in Oasis was enjoyed the most by the children who had never celebrated Eid like this and I am really looking forward to the next fun day, especially since I have received so many requests to arrange another one."

Hafizur said: “I loved the diversity most of all. One of the best things was the children freely enjoyed themselves.”

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