Thursday, November 21, 2013

Human Aid medicine appeal for Syria

I volunteered for Human Aid as part of a drive to support the appeal for medicines and sanitary items for the Syrian Ambulance convoy leaving the UK in December. 

I addressed a small gathering at an Isle of Dogs school and the response was pure Disney. I couldn't fit all the gear into the car and that was only from seven parents. I have promised to go back and collect more pledges. 

Whilst I was boring them with my natter the ladies took it upon themselves to do a whip round and the medicine appeal was cash boosted by over a hundred pounds within an hour. 

I told my mate Robin about this phenomenon during lunch buffet. When we walked out he palmed me another 2 hundred. "Petrol money for the convoy, I've been meaning to give this for a few weeks," he smiled. 

The generosity of this group and those who sponsor these causes regularly without thinking twice is testament to the brilliance of the goodwill nature of humans, especially in the pursuit and support of their disadvantaged fellows. 

It was a mind boggling experience and I have had a Fred Astaire spring in my step all day. I pray these souls are rewarded immensely.  

Million thanks to Linda and Rashina Begum for facilitating this. 

Human Aid...

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Mohammed said...

It was a pleasure to meet you brother. May Allah reward you immensely for all the great work you're doing.