Sunday, December 08, 2013

Paul Canoville

An old relic say's; "hey Canners, you there?
"How you doin big fella?
"I've an ugly confession to share
"I’m one of the knobs who called you a n*****!"
Verbally beaten black and blue
Addiction and thrice the big C
“Eff off,” red faced skin heads would spew
Bulging veined singing "one, two, three"
Up stepped a wee Scottish Knight
Candid braveheart Pat Nevin
Highlighting football’s dark blight
“People took note," say's Paul with a grin

Terrace horror stalked the “W**”
True Blue with a horror debut
Canners has emerged from the misty fog
Since Crystal Palace in eighty Two

National Front welcome; "La laa laa la"
Youthful Canners felt fetid despair
Quivering Paul peeled and ate that banana
Now ready to relive, educate and share
(C) Emdad Rahman

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