Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ambassadors Football helps Dads beat the offside trap

Emdad Rahman: Ambassadors football  is an international organisation that since 1990 has been working alongside children, youth and adults through the universal language of football in order to build trust and enable positive life changing decisions.

Spurs fan Gareth Haddow has been running the weekly sessions with the Father's of local Tower Hamlets school children for a number of years with weekly training and football matches taking place at Stepney Green AstroTurf and Millwall Park. 

It's a great initiative so I decided to pop over during my break to meet Gareth and his back-room staff as well as catch a glimpse if the boys in action. 

"What stands out is their enthusiasm," said Gareth. "There's great camaraderie and banter with a lot of positive new and beneficial friendships being formed from our sessions."

Ali has been attending from day one: "this is a treat for us local lads. We meet once a week and have a through workout. It's really nice catching up with my mates and thanks to Gareth we have something really exciting and productive to do and look forward to once a week. It's a great escape."

Gareth, an FA Level 2 coach further explained the activities of the group: "Apart from football we have a monthly evening out for dinner as a group. The group love it as we relax, enjoy the company and savour a hearty meal. 

"Once a term we have a tournament and the next one will be in July."

At Ambassadors Football the passion is football, sharing faith and bringing about a better future for individuals.

Ambassadors Football want to invest in people and communities by training, resourcing, equipping and supporting individuals and other organisations, to empower them to see positive change in their community through football.


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