Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One Third: Serving the homeless in Stratford

During the weekend I decided to volunteer with One Third at Stratford. We spent a few pleasant hours serving soup, bread and water to the homeless. The soup was piping hot and made by a well wisher. Judging by the slurps, burps and contented smiles I gathered the servings were a hit. Many cane back for seconds. 

I found the experience stimulating and the shift eased my toothache. It also gave me a period to reflect on the blessings I take for granted. 

Self reflection is something one can never get enough of and I was grateful for the inspiration I received from the team, all of whom were strangers to me. We clicked together as if we'd known each other for decades.  

I was astonished to discover that approximately 80 homeless people sleep in the centre at night. 

The visiting guests were great and every single one shared a chat and banter with the team. We also got a few thumbs up and nice words from the passing public. 

I'll keep readers posted on this great initiative. 

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Anonymous said...

Seems like a much needy cause...it shows how backwards society has gone, when in the 21st Century the need of soup kitchens and food banks.....