Sunday, June 15, 2014

Red Hot Benzema, Red Hot France

France 3-0 Honduras

Plenty of threat from Valbuena 
Some dimwit messed up the PA system
On the shores of the Guaíba River
For a game with no national anthem 

Fireworks from Pogba and Palacios
One landed in the orange crate
Barging Wilson cost Los Catrachos
Karim's penalty flew in straight

Did Valladares palm into his net?
Benzema roofed one and bid adieu
Deschamps' men look a tidy bet
Easy three points gained by Les Bleus

Estadio Beira-Rio • Porto Alegre

© emdad rahman

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Juna Miller said...

Not sure what to think of this game... summed it all up! BRAVO Amigo!