Sunday, June 15, 2014

One Third Homeless Soup Kitchen at Westfield

At yesterday's soup kitchen with One Third at Westfield Stratford City we served chicken curry and rice made by an Aunty of mine. She's travelling abroad tonight to see her ailing brother. I pray he recovers his health and her efforts pay dividends and rewards many times over. 

The curry was a total smash hit and this was the fastest shift I have been involved in since I started volunteering with One Third. I was seriously tempted to just help myself to a portion but restrained myself with great difficulty. 

I couldn't watch the beginning of the World Cup 2014 game between Uruguay and Costa Rica but my Facebook mates Jav, Sue and big bro Vijay kept me posted. I was able to get back and finish watching Joel Campbell destroy the Charruas as El Suarez watched from the bench. England hadn't played Italy yet, and I thought at the time that this result placed pressure on next Thursdays game against England as Uruguay would have guns blazing and El Pistolero would probably return against the Three Lions. 

Amanda (pictured) kept us company on her Boris Bike. She said she wasn't a curry eater because she couldn't handle spicy foods so Siddique offered her a smaller portion. It did the trick and she had another bowl followed by a takeaway box to eat later. 

I need branded T shirts. Are there any designer firm friends who are feeling generous and want to give me some freebies?

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