Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Brazilliant Germans reach Dreamland

Brazil 7-1 Germany

It was Belo Horrorzonte for Brazil 
Biggest semi win by Team DfB
Thomas Muller again nicked the till
Klose beats Ronaldo to make history

A brace from the Kroos control
Samba Kings felt the Khedira strike 
Five nil and a thirty minute stroll 
Schurrle's two for a seven heaven hike

Lean, mean, German machine 
Neuer angry as Oscar broke bread
Bra71l gold rush unforeseen
For Big Phil it's all Fred and dread

Estadio Mineirao • Belo Horizonte

08 .07.14

© emdad rahman

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Thank you Mizan Chaudhury for the pic 😀

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