Wednesday, July 02, 2014

In the ring with Jorge

School boy is a boxing star in the making 

Emdad Rahman

I had the pleasure of watching and meeting Jorge Tommie Anderson recently. Jorge was at York Hall with some of the country's top talent to represent the famous Repton Boxing Club against England and Arsenal legend Tony Adams' Gabala Boxing Club. It was a charity night and Jorge and his fellow boxers helped to raise £10,000 for the Mo Farah Foundation and refugees in Azerbaijan. 

Jorge was part of a Repton select squad to face their powerful Azerbaijani rivals from Gabala at the famed east end boxing venue. The youngster impressed as he fought and won on the night. 

The 11 year old is a pupil at Guardian Angels Primary School in Tower Hamlets and has been boxing for three years. His inspiration was Charlie Magri, who was also a friend to his grandfather. Jorge’s favourite boxer is Philippine world wind Manny Pacquiao.
Jorge won his match convincingly. He said; "I’m plsased with the result and glad to support charity work and raise awareness about a good cause.”

He is dedicated to his regime; "I love boxing and it keeps me busy. As I grow older it will keep me out of trouble. At Repton we have people who are experienced and will help me do well."

During his fight Jorge combined a high level of skill, tenacity, athleticism and vigour to overwhelm his opponent. He has tremendous energy and if he continues to knuckle down and progress then he has a very promising future. 

His family are close knit and will keep him on the straight and narrow; "Jorge is a great young man," said his mother Martina Byrne. "He's helpful and kind and I think his boxing has given him a lot of positive discipline. Our family will support him."
His Aunt Maureen Padmore needed fresh air; "Jorge has made us proud. I was ringside but found it hard to watch. I kept thinking somebody would get hurt. He did really well and I'm relieved that he got through unscathed."

Young though he may be, Jorge is focussed; "I'm going to work hard with my trainers and if there's any chance too move up in the future I'll be hungry and ready to take it."

Wise words indeed. 

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