Sunday, September 28, 2014

Visiting Pete

“Even death has a heart.” 
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Pete phoned me Saturday morning.

Pete: "Hello"
Me: "Pete, how you doing?"
Pete: "When you coming to see me, it's been a long time bruv?"
Me: This eve for sure, I'll bring food!"

He weren't hungry when I visited but it was super spending time with him and Sam.

I told Pete about my recent exploits, Scafell Pike, Maggie's Culture Crawl for Maggie's Cancer Care Hospices and the Mosque Run. Pete enjoyed listening to the stories. I've told him I will dedicate next years night walk to him if I do it again.

Pete has had a tough week and is now in a Hospice for pain relief. He is still fighting the cancer that is ravaging him from within. He was jovial but also very tired. The pain in his back is now more regular and more intense.

Thank you to the wonderful staff for taking such good care of him.

Here's a few verses I penned today.

Peter Chatfield Haiku

such a fine sweet treat
i'll miss that hugged greet, as pete
departs his earth suite

© Emdad Rahman

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