Friday, September 12, 2014

Look mum! No hands!

The awkward moment when a G4S securicor guard tries to leap the gates action man style to get to his van and hits the deck flat assed as his legs get caught in the railing. 

This gentleman was no Greg Rutherford and he then sprinted into this van. The vehicle did not move for a long time. It was simply stationary. I imagined him sitting in disbelief and crying to himself for a few minutes (the way my kid sis does when she gets lost driving to Asda Isle of Dogs). Oh the agony!

I must admit that after the initial "ooh" I had a good old chuckle to myself. I positioned myself where I was and waited with my iphone so that j could snap this plonker, sorry, securicor guard. Alas, he did not emerge soon enough. Maybe a call was placed to a counsellor. I didn't find out. I had to get back to my desk!

If you're going to do similarly then here's a few pointers:

A. Practice
B. Pull it off
C. If you trip then instead of sprinting off like a weirdo, feign it or stagger. You'll get a  bit of sympathy and avoid the catcalls and juvenile shrieks  busting your eardrums. 

Apart from me and my pap iphone there were only a few hundred college kids who witnessed this at first hand...


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