Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Night Live With One Third Soup Kitchen

Tonight was very busy but very fruitful. Kam made his home debut and ended up cleaning the pot out. A great start indeed.

We were joined by Jay and I got my 60 second skateboard lesson. Mariusz, Maureen and Paul visited (pictured). Annan, Alou, Chris also turned up along with our regulars and other new faces. Amanda was missing today but I got to meet Rodney - an ex army veteran in his 70's. His spine is severely curbed and he is constantly hunched. Rodney was starving and had seconds. Jakob turned up late. He was famished and cleaned out the pot with 4 helpings.

There was a lot of nice comments about the tasty soup tonight, which was a veg one with a touch of spice. In fact Kam and I sampled some. It was simply delicious.

We made three new contacts, 2 to supply the pot, and 1 to join the team with volunteering.

During the shift we were told by a security team from the Stratford Centre to move on as it was their land. They were civil so we didn't go all verbally militant on them. It seems next week we may need to pitch up a few metres away.

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