Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Remembering Pete at the Soup Kitchen

My mate Peter Chatfield left us before the prime of his life. He was still a young whippersnapper but nobody knows their date of death. 

Peter's friends, family and Sam's colleague collected some money and Sam passed it to me to put to good use. 

I spoke to Shaheed at e1 Grill and hey presto! We had a huge pot of the mist delicious chicken biriani. 

We were exposed to the elements. It was freezing but our guests were bang on form. All our regulars turned up, ate, drank, mingled and took takeaways home. The food was amazing and we were done serving in record time. 

It was a fitting tribute to the late Peter Chatfield. We miss you every day mate. May you rest in peace and tranquility.

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