Sunday, February 22, 2015

One Third Soup Kitchen

“It is not necessary to advertise food to hungry people, fuel to cold people, or houses to the homeless.” John Kenneth Galbraith

A very productive evening was over in 40 minutes. Saqib's mother had cooked up a delicious Biriani which went down in a flash. We were left scraping the bottom of the large silver pot before you could blink.

We had our regulars and Paul even had seconds. Today though there were lots of new faces and a mixture of young and old. The weather was ice cold and the mouthwatering steaming plates of food were a bonus. Three of the guests in the main picture did not even have  a hostel and were sleeping rough on the streets.

Two nice ladies had been observing us and when we had packed up we had a long chat with them before heading back home. The best thing about volunteering with One Third soup kitchen is you get to meet the regular guests, who have now become friends. It's nice catching up. The shift is quick and one can get back to their regular weekend activity quick time.

If you would like to donate a pot of food and you're local then please give me a shout and we'll arrange a pick up and drop off.

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