Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Demba Ba's charity night - 2 poems

Chelsea stars put their title party on hold to attend ex team mate Demba Ba's charity night to try help raise £500,000 for street children.

I was asked to compose and read two poems which I tried my best to present to the guests.

Present on the night were Eden Hazard, Branislav Ivanovic, John Terry, Samuel Et'o, Abou Diaby, Diomansy Kamara and my mate Paul Canoville. 

One poem is about the actual project and the second is a tribute to the players who gave their time for a wonderful cause last night. 

Empire of the children

Young babes silently cry
Resting rough on a cold street
Sleepy and not one single eye is dry
Add a quivering little heartbeat

Barefoot and begging so far from home
Talibés exploited and in much danger
Without a moral guardian so many roam
Seeking the elusive game changer 

To help the stricken kids of Dakar
Through a harsh four month winter
Renovated is a former air cinema
Now the Empire Street Children Centre

Demba pounces & strikes quickly
Like on that slip by our Stevie G
He'll not rest I'm sure you'd all agree
Till Senegal's little ones all smile free

Remember, all our wealth is a gift
Who of us will take it to our grave?
So spend wisely for life is swift
Fortune always favours the brave

Before I bid you all adieu 
The plight of these kids who knew?
"I am the street child" now rings so true 
Je Suis l'enfant de la rue

© emdad rahman

Game changers

Tonight is a night to bring much hope
To restore faith in humanity
We think of those who struggle to cope
Street orphans who's life we pity

Ivanovich is minted Manish may scream
They crazy for that big cheque
Hold on it wasn't always a dream
Some too have bombed and hit that deck

I'd like to thank you all tonnes and tonnes 
Homeless kids will pray for the soul
Human Appeal will help the young ones
Your presence makes them feel whole

Slip Hazard, so watch out crew
Eden the global superstar
Paul Canoville, he bled black and blue
As Chelsea's first black player

Sizzling flicks from Noel and Nell
I tried so, fell flat, now sport a scar
Nor did it go to well
When I tried the Diomansy Kamara

Hello Samuel Eto'o from we
The most decorated African in history
Abou Diaby has a photo memory
Just ask anyone at London Colney

Remember this night's for charity
The kids rights we defend
Thank you True Blue John Terry
Captain, leader, legend

© emdad rahman

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