Monday, June 01, 2015

E14 Stories, Stepney, Scintilla & One Third Soup Kitchen

You don't have to be on the street to be homeless.

Kam had already set up. I was running late from the cricket. Thankfully, the A12 was traffic free and I was able to make it from Stratford to Seven Kings in no time.

The food was so good there was a bit of argy bargy over someone who actually came to say hello to us but was deemed to have pushed in. The guestys sorted it out with the greatest decorum - A waltz over to the side and a mini punch up. Both gentlemen duly returned to enjoy their chicken biriani.

A very good day indeed. I had attended the E14 Stories on the Isle of Dogs, Stepney FC training, swam with the boys, cricket with Scintilla and rounded off the day with the soup kitchen. A busy and productive day.

Many thanks to Omar and Mrs T for rustling up a smashing biriani. If you would like to volunteer a shift or provide food then please message me directly.

If you need advice on homelessness then you can contact the Whitechapel Mission or Shelter.

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