Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ramadan 2015 with One Third Soup Kitchen

"The war against hunger is truly mankind's war of liberation. " JFK

I changed my shift this week to cover the soup kitchen outside Booth House in Whitechapel. The team consisted of Tee, Sam and myself. 

It was nice to pray Asr in the East London Mosque and the prayer hall was packed to the rafters. As Shaykh Abdul Qayyum started his weekly Quran Tafseer circle I slipped away to meet up with the team. 

We set up our stall outside Booth House and served 40 Birianis that were kindly donated to us by Punjab Caterers, Walthamstow. We also had Samosas, water and cakes from my sister in law Rahima. It was a very nice Saturday treat for the punters. 

The guests went away happy and we had a few nice conversations with members of the public too. Joe told us that he was on the road to recovery and had found his niche helping community organisations develop web pages. He was doing

Ramadan is a month which presents us with the perfect opportunity to feel the plight of the hungry and homeless. It was nice serving on the manor and we knew most of the guests and passersby. It created a greater community atmosphere. 

One Third is run entirely by volunteers. If you would like to donate a dish or your time then please email

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