Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Conquer the summit of London with Up at The 02

Urban mountaineering for city adventurers
Emdad Rahman
Up at The 02 is a unique and fun experience and something all readers are recommended to add to their bucket list of things to do. Like James Bond in The World Is Not Enough, visitors will witness London from the top of the famed dome. However, unlike Bond, guests have to climb rather than slide back down.
It was a rainy day when we set off for Greenwich and our 90 minute expedition. The 02 was originally built as the Millennium Dome, it was created as a monument to space and time. 
Now it is a building of architectural significance in the UK and stands out as a well-known venue across the UK. It was still pouring as we entered the venue. But luck favours the brave and as we got kitted out and harnessed before heading off to do the climb the weather had totally cleared up. We even had a spot of sunshine. It was quite an exclusive climb as we only had one other couple join us. Since its opening in June 2012, Up at The O2 has seen over 300,000 take the walk across the roof of The O2 and for one hour we were the very latest adventurers to climb to the summit.
We were notably informed by our magical climb guide Kate that the circumference of The O2 is 365m (days in the year), there are 12 masts (months in the year) and the summit of the walkway is 52m high (weeks in the year). The views were totally breathtaking and though my little companion was a little grumpy his face lit up as soon as we started to climb. 
This climb over a simply iconic roof is not just catching a breathtaking view of London but also a greatly rewarding personal challenge. In explorer mode a visitor is kitted up with a climb suit, boots, latch and a harness. The climb guide was with us every step of the way and provided tidy tidbits of very useful facts and information as we took the exciting climb up. The adventure itself is a 28° ascent on a walkway 380m long and 52m above the ground.
During our climb we discovered and discussed an alternative side of London. We marvelled at historic Greenwich, were stunned by the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and awed by Canary Wharf.
The meridian line runs just to the left of the Up at The O2 walkway and climbers will be simply inspired by the stunning 360° views come day or night. Be reassured, safety is paramount on this adventure. Guests will be 100% safe at all times with a harness and safety cable, and you can climb and descend at your own pace. Also, there will always be a member of staff nearby to help. There is an observation platform at the summit where you can take in spectacular views of London and its many landmarks.
This half term, Up at The O2 is challenging adventurous spirits to experience urban mountaineering with an exhilarating climb across the roof of one of London's most iconic landmarks. Upon reaching the viewing platform, climbers will be welcomed by adventurer Mollie Hughes who is one of Britain’s youngest explorers.
On Tuesday 27th October, for one day only, Mollie will be holding a series of Summit Talks on the viewing platform, 52m above ground level. Harnesses and carabiner clips are no stranger to Mollie who in 2012, at the age of twenty-one, became one of the youngest Brits to conquer the world’s tallest mountain.
In front of a stunning 360 degree backdrop of London’s skyline, Mollie will share inspirational stories from her Everest expedition as well as her goal to next year become the first British woman to summit the mountain from both the North and South routes. 
 To experience urban mountaineering this half term visit: https://tickets.aegeurope.com/upattheo2/climbs.html
Adventurers climbing on the 27th Octoberbetween 10am-2pm will have the chance to meet Mollie Hughes, one of the youngest Brits to climb Mount Everest.
To avoid disappointment, advance booking is suggested. Standard ticket costs apply and start from £28.
·       Minimum age: 10 years old
·       Minimum height: 1.2m
·       Please ensure your booking includes at least one adult climber for every two climbers under 18
Contact Details
+44 (0)20 8463 2680

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