Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day at The Whitechapel Mission

Emdad Rahman: It's been a very busy Christmas Day which started at the Whitechapel Mission at 5am this morning. Twelve volunteers came together to take some time out of their holiday and spend it doing amazing work. 

Although we serve the homeless and marginalised for me it's very much the other way round in that it is more beneficial for me on a personal level. I love the company of Tony, Sue, Ramesh, Billy, my fellow volunteers like Rochelle and Nicki. It is reinvigorating and something I look forward to with great excitement every year. I love meeting with the guests and spoiling them rotten. It's my community after all. I grew up here and it gives me great pride and inspiration when we all come together and serve fellow humans with a united purpose. Life is harsh and of that there is no doubt. If by any very strange reason you do doubt then a volunteering stint is what you require at a place like The Whitechapel Mission - a place that serves without any compulsion and will not turn anybody away, whoever they may be and wherever they're from. 

Ramesh bought his partners sons over. We had a great chat and the boys may join me on the British 10k in 2016. Sharon has launched her Dominican Fat Nannies brand. We are definitely keeping in touch. 

We cooked, served hot beverages, full English brekkies, cakes, presents and toiletries. There was great banter all throughout. 

The Whitechapel Mission has been serving the vulnerable and marginalised for 139 years. It is a cornerstone of Tower Hamlets. Tony and Sue Miller get the same buzz everyday waking up in the knowledge that they are about to embark on a day of making positive change and doing some seriously magical stuff. It's right up my alley and I hope I can maintain half that enthusiasm in future years. 

If you would like to support my British 10k run for vulnerable visitors then you could spare a few pounds

Right, I’m now off to Liverpool for the Leicester game. 

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