Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our elderly are our gems!

“The old are in a second childhood” – Aristophanes

I made my first befrienders calls this morning to local elderly residents. I learnt three valuable lessons in this short space of time.

1. A little gesture can have a massive impact.

It was short, snappy and made an impact. Just the way I like it. I love supersonic! I actually enjoyed having these conversations more than they enjoyed listening to me babble on. It was fairly obvious that they really appreciate human contact. It's a crime that so many of our senior citizens live in daily isolation. It's no excuse - Get off your derrieres and make that call or long overdue visit. Make the peace if the situation demands. It’s not too late.

2. The elderly have much to give.

They trod the path before us. Their experience and wisdom is second to none. Their presence is a blessing and an opportunity to gain great satisfaction and rewards through supporting them. It’s not a burden if you really think about it.

3. There is a need for genuine befrienders to support our seniors.

It is their right. They must be supported to engage in our everyday lives, be it through a call, playing a quick board game, chatting, walking, playing sports, engaging in hobbies and family life.

If you would like to volunteer any of your valuable spare time for the barking & Dagenham Volunteer Bureau please email bardagvb@hotmail.co.uk or call 020 3288 2168.

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