Saturday, April 16, 2016

One Third Soup Kitchen call in the youngsters

We were joined by fresh new talent today at the soup kitchen as Amira and Adam joined Uncle Elas to take their places in the first team squad alongside Kam and I at Stratford City.

The youngsters kept us fully on our toes. It was a refreshing experience and both took to their roles like fishes to water. They rallied round with great ease, smiled and chatted with our guests with absolutely no hang ups. It's fantastic what you can learn from kids. Amira helped pack takeaways and serve food to guests. Adam served and did the water run. With such sterling service the adults just took it easy.

To top it all off the food was provided by their amazing mum who cooked up a delicious chicken biriani. We've never had so many takeaway requests as we had at the soup kitchen tonight.

Billy was on top form and his gags every two minutes kept us in fits. Just as well as it got very chilly after thirty minutes or so. Amanda showed off her swanky new BMX. We are going to encourage some of the youngsters to join us and serve on the soup kitchens from now. The experience is something you can't replicate in any classroom in the world. I hope one day these youngsters will appreciate that for an hour and a half we were all just one community, friends catching up, enjoying good food, sharing banter and departing till next time. We had one thing in common - we're all human at he end of the day. Stratford is a great starting point as Newham has to be the most diverse area on our planet!

If you would like to join the volunteer team please get in touch with me directly. If you want to provide a pot of food we would be happy to accept too. We receive no funding so any support is much appreciated.

Till next time!

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