Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Nine In A Row - The Vitality British 10k 2016

By Emdad Rahman: It's that time of the year when we run the world's greatest route. It's one of my favourite races and I never train for it. Although the Limehouse Festival Run last week was a good warm up. 

I left home about 8.30. All my stuff had been prepared the night before. This is unusual for me as I usually just panic in the morning, looking for my race top, missing trainers etc. I decided not to take a bag and just go as I was. It's less hassle. 

At Monument I had a sudden funny feeling and a horrible sensation in my stomach thinking I had got the day wrong (Trust, it's happened many times before). There were no other runners on my carriage and I couldn't see any kits in the adjoining ones. Creepier still, I realised I had not spotted a single dressed up runner on the train or subsequent platforms since I had got on at Barking. Internet was slow so I resorted to measured breaths to stop choking. Suddenly The Whitechapel Mission British 10k Facebook page cropped up. It confirmed I was going - Phew! 

The haunting effect continued for at least a quarter mile from Embankment Station. There were no runners outside but there were stewards there. A short walk on and normal service resumed as I mixed in with the rather large crowd. 

I met Chloe as I was hurriedly making my to the start. I always seek inspiration from the lives of fellow humans and here was a cracker. Chloe is blind and she was running for London Youth. Wow! Just wow! We took a selfie and I told her she was amazing. Chloe is a case in point when it comes to describing the human spirit and I'm pretty sure there will be thousands inspired by her today. 

We all had one cause - To raise money for charitable causes. Cheered on by packed out street crowds, runners began on Piccadilly outside The Cavalry & Guards Club on Hyde Park corner, and made their way past some of London's most iconic landmarks, including the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Participants then touched Trafalgar Square, before Charing Cross Road. The City part of the route took in Temple Place and the westbound section of the Embankment before turning onto Westminster Bridge.

A u-turn in front of the South Bank Lion Statue granted runners the spectacular backdrop of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. A loop of Parliament Square led onto the finish line on Whitehall.

For me, the weather was superb - spitting rain and cool - perfect running conditions. I have been running the British 10k in Ramadan and today was the first time in four years that I have had breakfast or water whilst doing the run. I preferred the fasting in a funny kind of way. I ran faster and today I actually needed a loo break on the Embankment. The hygiene in those Porta Loos is utterly medieval. 

As always, I ran for The Whitechapel Mission. If you'd like to support the magnificent work of Sue and Tony, Ramesh and volunteer Billy with homeless guests then have a look at the website and sign up for a Breakfast Challenge

Other charities represented at The British 10k included Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Human Care Syria, Centrepoint, Barts Cancer Institute, The Alzheimers Society, Tommy's, Epilepsy Research, National Eczema Society and London Youth. 

This is my #NineInARow and I'm raring to make it 10 next year. I'm counting on the support of friends and family to achieve this milestone. 

Lastly, a massive thank you to my friends for their support; Shanaz, fellow runner Shelim, Muzzammil, Terree, Mumtaz, Naz, Ann, Lynny, Jahanara, Nishat, Mo, my oldest mate G and my cuz Tabz. You guys are simply delicious!

Vitality British 10k London Run winners

Wheelchair race winner - Gary Cooper 

Women's winners:
1. Hannah Walker, 35:28
2. Rachel Felton, 35:43
3. Alison Lavender, 36:05 

Men's winners:
1. Paul Whittaker, 32:32
2. Peter Tucker, 34:05
3. Matthew Wiersum, 34:22  

#British10k #RunTheCapital #RunLDN

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