Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thrills and spills galore at Base Jump Essex

Emdad Rahman: If you love being airborne then trampoline parks are a sure fire way to get the adrenaline levels rising rapidly. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by the terrific Tracy at reception and this really set the tone for our visit. Despite the computers being non compliant Tracy was a picture of efficiency and her fabulously affable character immediately got us liking Base Jump even before we'd taken that first athletic leap. 

On site there are 76 interconnected trampolines and the park can host days out and children's birthday parties a as well as other social events. 

It was certainly not our trampoline debut so all of us were looking to get airborne and nail those awesome manoeuvres. The boys commented on my enthusiasm and I even heard a whisper at the back about how dynamic I looked whilst bouncing off the walls and floor. I explained that level of agility does not come by chance with many trying but few actually being blessed in those disciplines. 

Back to reality and the venue is fun and safe for all visitors be they kids, or big kids in my instance. Visitors are surrounded by safety mats and there are plenty of friendly staff and court monitors around to enforce safety, assist and guide.

For frenetic and fantastic fast pace thrills look no further than the dodgeball arena where everyone can enjoy an energy sapping and hugely fun game or three. 

From fierce rivalries between friends to more casual games with your family visitors can step into one of three different dodgeball courts and take on the challenge. 

For the Ninja Challenge you are required to leap, swing and climb across the course without falling into the surrounding foam pit. 

If you fancy beating your foes into submission then joust poles are the way to go. Face your opponent and strike out. Avoid falling into the treacherous foam pit to be victorious. 

The Half Pipe uses the six interconnected trampolines to help you bounce your way left to right on and off the walls all the way to the end and back. Bouncing from your feet to your bum and back, there’s more than one way to run the Halfpipe and no two runs will be the same. 

Within the launch arena there are two different landing options: Soar through the air into the 4ft deep soft foam pit or take a leap of faith onto a giant air bag which will cushion a drop from the air.

Base Jump also offers adult fitness classes in the following sessions:

  • Fit & Fun
  • Bounce Ex
  • Box Bounce
  • Military Assault
  • Extreme LBT

There's also High Intensity Interval Training which is the most efficient effective form of training to increase fitness, burn fat and improve muscle definition. It consists of intense bursts of exercises followed by periods of active recovery allowing you to get the most out of the session and burn the maximum amount of calories.

Base Jump Essex is located in Rayleigh, Essex, and is not far from Southend and is thoroughly recommended, especially as part of a day out to the area. One thing guaranteed is plenty of fun for everybody, including corporateand team building days. 

Address: 26a Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7XL.

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