Monday, June 05, 2017

Umrah update: Day 9: Humans of Madinah:

56 year old Rudy is from Jakarta, Indonesia and and has been a Telecommunications worker all his life. From 1983 to 1990 he was deployed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the IT sector before he returned home and established himself in his hometown of Jakarta.

Rudy and his wife have two lovely children, a daughter at university and a son who has graduated as a pilot. He showed me pictures of them both and is immensely proud of the excellent adults that they have become.

Rudy very proudly told me about his wife who I also had the pleasure of meeting. She is the main earner in their family and from nothing has developed the Ibu Bandung and Kantin Patria traditional Indonesian eateries in Jakarta. She now proudly owns four very well run restaurant establishments.

They are busy outlets and when Rudy reaches retirement age in a few months time the family will take a four week holiday to recharge before he enrols at a culinary college to train up in restaurant management. "I will then work for my wife," he said. "She has a brilliant business mind and look at what she has achieved. I'm on a middle income government salary and this Umrah trip has been entirely funded by her. After I retire I will work for my wife and hopefully add some value to our businesses."

Anda orang yang hebat dan saya ucapkan selamat berjaya dengan persaraan dan impian anda!

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