Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Team Bangladesh 2018 ILFL World Cup timeline

18th June 2018: Inner City World Cup announced

20th June 2018: Emdad Rahman appointed manager of Team Bangladesh by Koys Miah and Rashid Ali (chair and vice chair of the Inner London Football League)

21st June 2018: Abdul Hamid Yusuf and Muhammed Nashir agree to join Team Bangladesh as Assistant Managers 

22nd June 2018: Emdad Rahman officially unveiled as Head Coach of Team Bangladesh

25th June 2018: Team Bangladesh initial 30-man squad shortlisted

28th June 2018: World Cup live draw held at Mabley Green:

Group A:

South Africa

Group B:


29th July 2018: Avenue Construction are unveiled as the official sponsors of the first ever ILFL World Cup

2nd July 2018: Team Bangladesh hold training session and team meet up at Stepney Astroturf

3rd July 2018: Team Bangladesh squad trimmed to 20

6th July 2018: Official Team Bangladesh squad announced:

Bangladesh squad for ILFL World Cup Squad 2018

Coaching team:

Emdad Rahman MBE - Head coach

Muhammed Nashir - Assistant manager
Abdul Hamid Yusuf - Assistant manager

Russell Rahman - Abdul Hanif - Shuhel Ullah - Abdal Ahmed - Jewel Haque - Tafazzul Ali
Khalid Ahmed - Abdul Wahid - Abdul Wadud - Hassan Abdullah - Arshadur Rahman - Abdul Salam - Atiqul Islam - Abul Hussain - Jallal Miah - Forhad M Shah

8th July 2018: Team Bangladesh win the first ever ILFL Inner City World Cup after beating favourites Colombia, Jamaica, Brazil, second favourites England and Brazil again in the final on penalties. Ahead of the tournament Abdul Hanif and Abdal Ahmed are appointed captain and vice-captain respectively.

Colombia 1-2 Bangladesh - Abdal Ahmed (pen), Jewel Haque
Jamaica 0-4 Bangladesh – Ash Rahman, Tafazzul Ali, Abdul Wahid, Abul Hussain
Brazil 1-2 Bangladesh – Abdul Wadud (2)

Semi Final: Bangladesh 5-3 England – Atiqul Islam, Abdul Hanif, Tafazzul Ali, Hassan Abdullah, Ash Rahman

Final: Bangladesh 1-1 Brazil – Ash Rahman
Bangladesh win 4-3 on penalties

Manager of the tournament: Emdad Rahman
Player of the tournament: Abdal Ahmed

Bangladesh make history as the first winners of the Inner London Football League World Cup. The trophy is handed over to the victorious team by ILFL vice chairman Rashid Ali.

13th July 2018: Team Bangladesh are given a celebratory reception by Mohammed Ayas Miah – The Official Speaker of Tower Hamlets council

17th July 2018 – Team Bangladesh are invited to a tea reception at Barking Town Hall by Sanchia Alasia – The Mayor of Barking &Dagenham

26th July 2018: In a charity friendly Team Bangladesh defeat Team Rohingya 7-1 at Mabley Green
7th October 2018 - Team Bangladesh are honoured at the Inner London Football League annual awards night in the presence of chair Koys Miah, vice chair Rashid Ali and Councillor Ayas Miah, the Speaker of Tower Hamlets Council.

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