Thursday, August 09, 2012

Olympics 2012 Diary of a London Ambassador

Day 2

We received our day 2 attendance badges to add to our collection. With no events on today it was very quiet down Wembley Way

I paired up with Neil and we spent our shift collecting ticketing and logistical information to feedback to our location manager and teams. 

I met and enjoyed chats with very friendly Japanese gymnasts and French delegates. Neil and I met a Mexican visitor who was feeling a little down after not being able to purchase a final ticket at the box office. He cheered up after a warm pat on the back and we even took a picture together. We were best pleased when our manager informed us that London Ambassadors had received very positive reviews from visitors. With the trains less packed I was able to make it home just after sunset and break my Ramadan fast. Big up to Kennedy's opposite Barking station. The Brother took me in, gave me dates, filled my water bottle and sent me off with a clutch of onion bhajis. I pray his business booms a million times over.

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