Sunday, September 29, 2013

Youngsters receive Quran competition accolade

Radhiya Jahan Sameeha a pupil of Bigland Green Primary School and her brother Jaabir Hussain, a year 7 pupil at Swanlea School both entered the Right Start Foundation's national 'Read & Rise, Quran Competition' 2013 which was based at the London Hilton Metropole.

Both students joined thousands of other young people who attended the prestigious competition to test participants recitation levels of the Quran. The siblings were praised by judges and were deemed good enough to be named as prizewinners.

“I was so nervous that I couldn’t breathe,” said Radhiya. “The judge said I had very good recitation and understood that I was nervous. I was given a gift electronic timer and a nice certificate. I really enjoyed the experience and the people were friendly.”

Jaabir was less nervous: “It’s a bit like a talent competition, there are lots of people there in the same room as me and this helped me to relax. The judge said I recited well and I was given a prize and certificate.

The “Read & Rise” Quran competition aims to attract the finest Quran students from across the UK.

Dr Amr Khaled is the Founder of Right Start Foundation International.  He has been chosen as number 13 of the world's most influential people by Time Magazine.

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