Saturday, October 05, 2013

Battle of Cable Street veteran Max Levitas joins Stepney FC

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street which took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in Cable Street in the East End of London.

Max Levitas is a veteran of that momentous day when east enders and anti-fascists, including local Jewish, socialist, anarchist, Irish and communist groups saw off the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley.

Spurs fan Max, who is now 98 years old, accepted my invite to watch Stepney FC juniors train and gave an amazing short talk on his memories of the battle of Cable Street.

He said: "We all come came together that day; Jews, non Jews, the whole community.

We showed them that hate would not be tolerated just as the community showed again a few weeks ago.

"They couldn't pass - they were not allowed to pass."

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