Monday, January 06, 2014

Memories of Eusébio da Silva Ferreira

Mozambique gifted the Black Panther
Golden boot during England sixty six
Seven times the Bola de Prata 
All heart, skill, speed, guile and tricks

When Eagles stalked the Ballon d'or prey
Up sprang Dictator Antonio Salazar
Barring a golden chance abroad to play
By decreeing Eusebio a national treasure

"Night of the long shots" saw Euro glory
In sixty two Di Stefano, the Real Marquis
Puskas' hat trick left Benfica feeling sorry
Black Pearl led a fightback to win it five three

North Korea struck three in half an hour 
"Don't go four down," was Simoes plea
Goodison World Cup shock far from over
O Rei's four goal blast ended the game five three

Scoring more than a goal a game
Benfica coursed through every blood cell
Maputo's son who found Lisbon fame 
Stadium of light and football bids farewell

© Emdad Rahman

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