Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Whistle while you work!

Young Referee graduates set to officiate grassroots games

Emdad Rahman: Local young people spent the best part of the festive holidays learning the intricacies involved in officiating the beautiful game.

The learning group was made up of nine young people, including a female learner and three adults. 

The level 9 Referees course was facilitated and delivered by the BFA and funded by Mayor of Tower Hamlets Activities for Young People (MAYP).  

Three full days of learning involved intensive study of the laws of football. All participants then sat and passed their final examination before receiving their badges. 
The fledgling referees now have the opportunity to chart a career from officiating at local football games before progressing up the higher ranks. 
Shahil, 15, a course participant said: “I did this course to learn the rules of football and to become a qualified referee.  Now, I will be able to work in local leagues and hopefully earn a little pocket money too.”
Although the elite Premiership referees earn upto £30,000 plus a year working on a part time basis the new breed are looking to top up their weekly pocket money by about £20. 
The young referees will now officiate 6 games under the supervision of a mentor from the BFA.  The mentor will then sign off their log book and they can start paid officiating in BFA leagues. 
Kamrul Islam, BFA Project Director said: “Refereeing is a tough job but if you work at it you can be good at it and you will earn the respect of all the players and supporters.  For local young people it can be a good career choice, it pays well and they can progress to becoming referees in higher leagues”.

Ismael, aged 15 said: "The referee course was very helpful. It brought out a lot of skills which you can use in other situation such as confidence and communication skills."

Tanveer said: "I have really enjoyed this course and would like to say thank you to the BFA for supporting us. I'm looking forward to refereeing games."

BFA is delivering a FA Level 1 coaching course for unemployed and economically inactive people.  If you fit the criteria or for more information please contact Kamrul Islam on 020 7392 2126 or email

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