Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peace for Gaza

Gaza has quite rightly led to unprecedented levels of condemnation, protest, activism, mobilisation and unity. It's beautiful when strangers can unite for a worthy cause. 

But I've noticed there's a dark side to campaigning too. I've de friended and blocked one idiot after getting fed up of his unhelpful and soapbox diatribes. 

I've concluded that this one probably lives with erectile dysfunction and is an agent provocateur. I have made it clear in no uncertain terms have made it clear that his irresponsible and frothy mouthed rants are not wanted or needed, especially as they lack intellectual depth and are designed to provoke and disunite. This in turn offers no support and adds zero value to the cause. 

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I seriously doubt the motives of such people and make my distrust very clear. 

Cowardly keyboard warriors also provoke heavy handed backlashes and their actions often lead to dangerous reactions against vulnerable members of the community - old people, women with head scarves and children. See, it's not they who suffer because of their selfish malpractices. 

We should challenge/educate these morons and tell them to stop spewing hate on our behalf. There is a distinct difference between intelligent and co-ordinated debate, campaigning, lobbying, protesting, engagement and spewing hate. 

Gaza is a humanitarian issue and people from all races have united to campaign, protest, debate, lobby and raise charity. Unfortunately there are hate mongers who walk amongst us with their own agendas and they should be rejected in no uncertain terms. They are bad apples who will upset the applecart. 

It's vitally important to keep ANY campaign relentless, but just and fair. Anything less than that and we risk becoming that very monster that we so vehemently criticise and campaign against. 

My name is Emdad. I am a proud Londoner, born and bred and I #supportgaza

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