Friday, August 01, 2014


"Food is to eat, not to frame and hang on the wall" - William Denton

Today's Foodbank shift was short, sweet but tough work. Joey and I loaded the trolley with food items, took the lift down and loaded the van. I think we make a good team and we had our task at hand all completed well within my allocated time. Tough work, but a great all body work out and immensely satisfying. I hope I can be approved to become a voucher holder soon.

Foodbank helps families and individuals who have been hit hardest by issues of unemployment, ill health, bereavement and addiction in London. Most of us don't have a clue how hard some people have it in one of the world's greatest and richest cities.

To volunteer please email and you will be sent a pack and form to complete. One can give as little or as much time (I do my lunch break) as they want.

Once you state this on the form Tower Hamlets Food Bank staff will be in touch to offer you tailored time slots.

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