Friday, August 01, 2014

Visiting Peter on Eid day

Our welcome friend Ramadan came and went in the blink of an eye.

Having finished with the fun day I thought I'd pay a visit to Pete on Eid day. He was in fine fettle and was keen to hear stories of the celebrations taking place. I sat with Pete and showed him my facebook messages of well wishes from my friends, Bootle Jan, Rebecca, Michael, Choosy, Ahmed and Scintilla CC, Liz, Asma and Lyn.

Understandably, there were not many visitors but by the time visiting time was up there were four of us including Pete. I'm hoping to see Pete again before I go on holiday and might even take him a doner kebab with all the lashings. We both do like a touch of the grand stuff!

Seeing Pete is always an inspirational visit for me. I natter, share a few stories and ask for his take and perspective on stuff. He's a shrewd man and is still sharp as a tack.

Here is his video message to everyone.

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